Happy New Year from Mims and Merlin!

Merlin and Mims are still doing very well. Merlin has lost his hearing, although a loud clap still does the trick. Mims has lost some more vision so they help each other out, one sees, one hears. Merlin likes to be independent and Mims loves to be with someone. Mims actually has fallen for our dog Tiger also from LSSTLAR. They look like mutt and Jeff together as Tiger is 9 pounds and Mims is 24 pounds, but they run and play together ever day. It is always so nice to see how dogs will always find someone they can love.

The M&M’s will be going in for their annual checkup this month and could really use a sponsor for this. they need shots, heartworm test and possible dental. Please consider helping them out with this so they remain healthy.

Audi Harris has a GIRLFRIEND – cute gray and white shih tzu

January 18, 2007 at 12:36 pm

Audi has a GIRLFRIEND!! Tigger who was also a dog rescued by LSSTLAR but adopted by her foster mom has fallen for Audi and gives him the Tigger clean ear treatment every day now. At first Audi was a little put off by all the attention but today I saw them playing and wrestling. They both have horrible hearts as far as how they pump, but they know to use it and enjoy life in the moment. It is great to watch them cuddle up together and just be. Audi continues to need cyclosporin drops for each eye twice a day and his heart medication to help wiht his murmur. Please consider sponsoring his costs so he and Tigger can play for a long time!
Thanks from Tigger and Audi

MORE about the sweet little aussie/lhasa puppies!

The Barn’s puppies, in less than two hours, learned from their babysitter while I was on surgery leave, to sit – all in a line and wait to be hand feed, kernel by kernel.  Now that they are back with me, I am continuing that.  You should see the anticipation in their eyes – hard sometimes to keep that bohunkus on the ground.  Tidie White, unknowingly, has learned to down.  On the other hand, I am meeting some resistance to having them sleep two per kennel instead of all of them sleeping in a huge kennel together.  I need to guide them away from the ‘pack mentality’ they are fastly developing and separating them for daytime or night sleeping is a must.  Their displeasure is voice with a howl.  Guess that must be the Australian Shepherd in them.