Little Mae Mae Davis needs a follow up CT Scan!!

First, I apologize for not posting sooner.  I had made myself a promise that I would post at least once a week, but then life got in the way.  Early in May, we had a very unfortunate happening at the Veterinary Emergency Referral Group (VERGI) here in Houston that has since consumed quite a lot of my time.  I will write you all the entire story later, but for now just know that attorneys are in the middle of it so you can imagine what it involves. Secondly, my beloved 12 year old Ginger, who has been battling lymphoma successfully since November 2006 (yes 2.5 years) came out of remission the first of May and we have been struggling with new drugs to put her back into remission.  She had a bad reaction to one of the drugs this week and is currently in ICU at the wonderful Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists Facility.

Finally, darn it!  Breeders and puppymills keep dumping dogs at our door.  Young dogs.  Healthy (well, relatively healthy) dogs.  And, I’m sure you heard of the 59 dog confiscation in San Angelo – most are shih tzu.  Thank goodness, Loree Levy and the ASTC is stepping in to help there because we just cannot take in that many dogs right now.

So, I’m done "whining" and on to business.

Mae Davis, one of the breeder confiscations from summer 2007, and a star of Animal Planet’s Animal Cops Houston program is currently being treated for MSRA (resistent bacteria).  She has to get an injection of one antibiotic each day, followed by 100 CC of subq fluids.  She also has several oral antibiotics each day.  She is progressing well.  She is finally more active than she’s been in a year.  But, we now need to run a CT scan to ensure that the antibiotics are destroying the Staph/Strep/E-coli colony in her nasal cavity.  That needs to happen this coming week but we definitely need $2350 for that procedure.  Additionally, her antibiotics are costing about $100 every 10 days and she’s been on them for the past couple of months.  This little gal is very deserving, especially after her horrible start in life, so please help us finally get her well.  I know that this horrible economic time has hit everyone hard, but even a tiny donation will help us continue to help these puppers.