Say hello to …Chapula Davis – the HSPCA cruelty confiscation – broken jaw

Little Chapula Davis was taken from his owner on a cruelty charge by the Houston SPCA.  This little boy has a completely broken bottom jaw.  It literally sits at a 45 degree angle from the top jaw. 

On the other hand, he is one happy-go-lucky little guy.  Very loving and affectionate.  He has no idea that his face is so "broken."


The break seems to be very old – the jaw is very, very solid and he eats fine.  But, he will be on his way to the vet tomorrow.

Our groomer immediately went to work making him look presentable. 

And, drum roll please…..

Have you ever seen such a cute little face – even with the crooked smile, he’s adorable.



Rags to Riches – Zsa Zsa Ranger AKA Scarlett


Three years ago, July 2006, I received an email about a little shih tzu that had walked up to a lady while she was vacationing in Galveston.   The little dog was a complete mess – significant hair loss, thick blackened skin from allergies and chewing and very dry, crusty eyes.  We took in this little fluff and named her Zsa Zsa Ranger.  Since she looked so horrible, I thought she definitely needed an elegant name. 

We found that she had heartworms and severe flea allergies.  Thanks to our supporters who funded her heartworm treatment, Zsa Zsa was cleared of the heartworms and after months of good food and our allergy buster supplements, she turned into a beautiful little girl.

Her owners sent a couple of pictures this weekend of their "Scarlett." 

Hi Teresa, A few years ago my wife and I adopted one of your dogs.  To say the least she has been a true joy in our lives.  Thank you so much for rescuing this little dog for the streets.  I have attached some before and after pictures of her.  Please feel free to use them and share them with others.  Paul

Say hello to the new and improved Zsa Zsa AKA Scarlett.


Two of the Katy 34 get a home together!!


In January, we were called in by a church group in Katy.  One of their members had suffered a heart attack and would be hospitalized for quite a while.  She was a breeder of shih tzu and there were 34 little dogs at her home with no one to care for them.  The church people were avid animal lovers and were begging for help.

We were already overwhelmed – dogs coming in from everywhere – but as I thought about the situation, I couldn’t in good conscious turn these people down.  I went over just to look and inventory the dogs so I could formulate a plan.  When I got there, I could see that the dogs were all living outdoors underneath a shed and there were several with injuries.  And there were a new litter of puppies.

Our LSSTLAR foster parents rallied!  We were able to take in all of the dogs and got them into good foster homes.  It took us quite a while to get them all vetted for two reasons – funding, of course, and also the time to get them through the vetting process. 

Above are two of the little dogs that are now adopted.  These two will be Socks and Sophie and will live together with their sister Maggie.  Lucky little dogs. 

Here is a LINK to the original story about these babies.  We cannot do things like this without our wonderful, generous supporters and our compassionate volunteers!!


And meet little Tayla Bastrop! Another in-the-nick-of-time save!


This little chickadee is one lucky girl.  Burdened with heartworms, there was little chance that even as beautiful as she is, Tayla would be adopted out of one of our Texas rural shelters.  Luckily for her, one of our volunteers was rummaging around in the shelter and saw this beautiful and very deserving girl.  Next think I knew, my cell phone was ringing.  Welcome Tayle.  One of the lucky ones.

Hello! My name is Tayla and I am one lucky little lady. I am a beautiful black and white Shih Tzu girl who was rescued in the nick of time from one of the local shelters. I am very sweet and loving and am definitely a lap dog. My foster mom’s lap is absolutely the best place for me to be!! I am Heartworm positive and will start treatment soon. But once my treatment is finished I will be up for adoption. And I will have my very own Petfinder page! Watch for me!

Say hello to Sedona – a gorgeous lhasa girl


Take a look at this precious face!  Can you believe this baby’s owners were going to have her put to sleep because she had bladderstones?  Luckily, their vet is a very compassionate lady and contacted us to see if we could take in Sedona.  After some tough negotiations about fees, the vet cut the cost of bladderstone surgery from $1200 to $500 – YAY!  So, because of your periodic donations to our general fund, this gal is now bladderstone free and on her way to a good life! 

Hi! My name is Sedona and I am new to Lone Star. I am a 5 year old Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso girl. I had bladder stones and needed surgery to remove them. I had that surgery and am now healthy and very happy! I love to play with toys and I will even play fetch and bring the toy back to you for more! I am also cuddly and affectionate with my foster mom and dad and I also love my foster brothers and sisters. Watch for my Petfinder page soon and think about ME as part of your family!

Can anyone adopt this adorable HW+ shih tzu

Harris County-A277635-male-2years-hw.jpg

This very adorable little boy showed up on the "needs rescue" list from Houston’s Harris County shelter this morning. 

Guys we are just so unbelievably full.  In fact, we’re keeping so many dogs at Deogi right now, that I’m going to have to hire another person just to care for them.

This little guy shown here is heartworm positive, which means he has little chance of getting out alive unless a rescue takes him.

Frankly, all of the rescues are way overloaded so we don’t have much hope for this little guy.

If you are interested in and can adopt this little guy directly from the shelter, email me at and I’ll give you the contact information. 


More on little Mae!

So, little Mae went to visit Dr. Chris Jones, of the Internal Medicine department of Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists on Friday.

The objective of the visit was to figure out why the amikacin antibiotics targeting the ecoli/staph/strep colony in her nasal cavity wasn’t working as quickly as we thought it would.  He studied the CT scan done last week (thank you very generous people!!), and saw a great deal of mucous still in that left nasal cavity and also quite a bit of damage to the bones as well.  Although Mae’s external symptoms are significantly better – no more constantly running green snot – they can tell from the CT that progress is not in line with a six week round of the antibiotics.

Dr. Jones suggested that we scope her nasal passage to see if there was something else up there that didn’t show up on the CT scan.   So, here I am back – dare I even write it – asking for more funding for this adorable little girl.  I so hope we are on the cusp of discovering what "ails her" so we can make her better.

The scope is a camera device that they will insert into her nostril and literally "see" what is up her nose.

The cost, with a significant discount, is estimated to be from $850-$1100.  I know this sort of feels like throwing money down this bottomless pit, but I promise this little girl is worth it.

Remember her story?  She was confiscated by the Houston SPCA from a breeder in Spring, TX just about two years ago.  She and her siblings we the stars of the Animal Planet Animal Cops Houston episode.  One of the siblings was an older female in severe pain – she was humanely euthanized by the HSPCA when they got custody of the dogs.

Five of the remaining seven were discovered to have heartworms and then came down with kennel cough while at the SPCA.  So they called us in to take the five with heartworms.  We named them Julius, Augustus, Flavia and Octavius.  You all contributed toward the heartworm treatment in July/August 2007 and they all recovered and all but Mae were adopted.  Julius lives in Dallas, Octavious in New Orleans, Augustus in Austin and Flavia in the Houston Area.

We really want to get little Mae healthy enough for a home of her own!!  We need to have at least half of the above by Tuesday morning – her scope is scheduled for Tuesday – and the rest when we pick her up that evening.  If you can donate, please CLICK HERE FOR PAYPAL, or GO HERE TO PLEDGE TO SEND A CHECK or HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION FORM.

She appreciates what you have done already!

Funding Status as of June 16, 2009 4:00 pm – $430

Doug Cameron, Janet Bello, Wylene Dunbar, Christine Hutchison, Anna Dee Lastick, Lisa Schwartz, from your BF Huey, LeeAnne Wheatley, in memory of Jasper, Laura Ritchie, Marty Howard, Rosemary Cody, Valerie Newman, love Harlie and Maddie.

Darden’s hip replacement didn’t work, but…


Darden’s hip replacement, done about 16 weeks ago and adjusted about eight weeks ago, just didn’t work for him.  About eights weeks ago, we found out that his hip had slipped out of the socket.  I was so unbelievably disappointed, but Dr. Liska at GCVS revised his surgery and only charged us $500 for the revision.  I was elated – thinking that this little boy was finally going to be able to run and play.

After ANOTHER eight weeks of crate rest, which just absolutely drove Darden crazy, we found out, unfortunately, that his hip had slipped out again.  So, this just is not to be for Darden.  Right now, I want him to enjoy a few weeks of fun playing like a one year old should.

After that, we are considering FHOs for both hips – if we can raise the funds for it.  Dr. Liska said he would remove the implants from the hip replacement for free, but we will have to raise enough for his other FHO and at least 12 weeks of rehab.

In the meantime, Darden is one happy camper – finally able to get out of his crate and play with the others again!

Say hello to Chula Ranger


Hello!  My name is Chula and I am a 3 year old Lhasa Apso girl.  Chula is Spanish for pretty and you can see by my picture that I am definitely that!  Actually everyone says that I am cute, cute, cute!!!

I was found along with my two brothers, Paz Ranger and Chavo Ranger, by a very nice lady on the east side of Houston.  I actually had a tag on with a phone number.  When the nice lady called the number, my former owner told her she didn’t want me anymore, just keep me.  Humph!  Well the nice lady then called Lone Star Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue and the rescue decided I fit in just fine with them.

I have been with my foster family for only about two weeks.  When I first got there I just didn’t know how to act.  I was bouncing all over the place with great exuberance and I think my foster brothers and sisters were a little scared of me.  But, my foster mom started teaching me manners and I am so much better and calmer now.  I just needed to learn how to be a dog!  I am very smart and I catch on to things quite quickly.

I LOVE to be around people.  My foster parents take me to Starbucks and another local restaurant all the time and I am SOOOOO good when I am there!  I really enjoy watching all the people.  I sit patiently waiting and watching and hoping that someone will drop something for me!  I also love to go in the car for rides and I get very excited when I hear my leash jingle.  That means that I am either going for a walk or on a new adventure.

Speaking of adventures…………..take a look at my picture in PetsMart.  My foster mom took me there and it was amazing!  I love squeaky toys and will play with them until they squeak no more.  When Mom took me to PetsMart and I saw ALL THE BINS WITH TOYS, I just couldn’t believe it.  Mom laughed at me and just had to take my picture because I was in seventh heaven.  I kept taking toys out of bins and a PetsMart employee followed me and put them back in the bins.  It was a great game that we were playing.

You can see that I am a fun-loving little girl who would love to find her forever home.  Please email my foster mom at  She’ll tell you all about me.  Also, please look at my Petfinder page for even more information.

I am altered, up-to-date on all my shots and heartworm negative.