Status on the January 2010 Heartworm 8

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We’re slowly making progress.  As of this morning (Feb 5) we have enough for 7 of the 8 dogs.  I’m excited.  You all know how difficult it is in the rescue arena right now so I’m encouraged.

Received an email from a cruelty investigator who said she might be taking in 9-12 shih tzu and needs help with them. 

Two different puppymills in Missouri is releasing approximately 32 shih tzu and lhasa apsos.

The Houston city shelter, BARC, had THREE shih tzu last week.  They asked me to take the "older" one who was horribly matted, but oh so cute. Another rescue took the two girls who were two years old.

This week, little Petey Turner, the hit by car pupster, had his surgery at GCVS.  Thankfully we were able to fund his surgery from a private source so not to burden all of you with this $6,000 bill. 

Here is what happened to us last week….

I intended to do nothing else rescue-wise other than raise funds for these heartworm diseased little fluffs this week.  Then what happened? 

First, I got an urgent email about the little guy I’ve named Hotch (yes, I was watching criminal minds that day) who had a ruptured eye. 

Second, little Darden, one of our prior surgical candidates, got a badly infected food.

Third, one of our new dogs in Arizona, Tatum, was having massive bladder problems.  Unfortunately, this turned out to be bladder cancer, with no hope of correction so we were forced to put her to sleep.  RIP pretty Tatum.

And finally, little Petey was hit by a car and his owner couldn’t afford his surgery so wanted us to take him in.

So absolutely nothing got done this week on the heartworm dogs.  In fact, I had to move the appointment to Feb 8 to give me time to make sure we could handle these babies. 

As of right now thanks to Byron Ledger, Doug and Sallie Cameron, Cheryl and Mike Oyaski, Jeannie Flexer, Sandra Brehm, Christine Hutchison, Tricia Havis, Lorna Van de Weile and Jill and Don Beard, Deborah Shure, Jill Bogart, Donna Ferris, Christine Apple, in memory of Maggie, Barbara Grabell, Diane Richer, Janet Bello!!  Only 1.5 dogs to go!!

If you can help any of these babies, donations can be made via PAYPAL HERE.

If you’d like to send a check, please go HERE to let us know.

Thanks to all of you for all of your wonderful support.

Also, this upcoming week, I will be emailing the tax receipts for 2009 to anyone with a donation over $250 per the IRS requirements.  If you have any questions, please email me at

Beautiful BACH BARKER.  This gorgeous Lhasa, with the best coat around, needs heartworm treatment.  You’d think if someone invested the time to keep his coat like this, they could give him a $7 heartgard each month, but not so.

Gorgeous MARGIE LAFAYETTE. SHe already has a home, but just needs to get rid of those horrible heartworms.

COLLINGSWORTH BARKER - you surely remember his story, right?  It’s HERE.  He is now ready for heartworm treatment so he can find a home. 

VASQUEZ RANGER - this cutie pie was saved by one of my Deogi clients.  As usual, heartworm positive. 

BONO BURKE – you know his story.  Well he’s ready for treatment now.


MRAX BURKE - beautiful little red and white boy. 

Blog Deogi 01-27-2010_0018.jpg

Little TEETER RANGER.  Cute as they come.