Sponsorships for dogs needing rescue



Thank you all for offering to sponsor one of the dogs needing rescue.

When a dog comes into our program, we immediately immunize them – the protocol recommended by our vet is to give them Rabies, Bordetella, a DHPPC and another DHPPC booster four weeks later. After that, we do their surgeries and dentals and keep them quiet for two more weeks.  After that, they are released to socialize with other dogs.  Consequently, we keep each dog a minimum of two months in our program.

I’ve put several options for sponsorship, so please choose the one that fits your desires.  CLICK ON THE LINK.

ONE FULL INTAKE SPONSORSHIP – includes basic vetting($275) and two months in the program ($120) – total  $395 – this saves ONE DOG.  Having the funds comitted allows us to take the dog in.

ONE HALF FULL SPONSORSHIP – $200 – Two of these sponsorships save ONE DOG.

ONE QUARTER SPONSORSHIP – $100 – This sponsorship, combined with three similar ones, saves ONE DOG.

HEARTWORM TREATMENT SPONSORSHIP - $350 – this amount covers the two or three shot protocol, heartworm tests, any additional testing needed for heartworm positive dogs.

OTHER AMOUNT – Whatever you choose.  It all adds up to a LIVE DOG!!

Barnie Davis

Thank you.

Four adorable fluffies need heartworm treatment!

Wahoo, you all are, as usual, coming to the rescue for these babies!  We’re getting close to having what we need for them.  Beethoven and Roscoe are completely sponsored. Little Churchill is also very cute and deserves a sponsor and Mr. Depp, well, you know we have a soft spot for the older dogs.  He needs to get these heartworms G O N E.

Our Heartworm treatment cost include several things in addition to the immiticide drugs – a complete examination by the vet, bloodwork to screen for liver and kidney damage, heartworm tests, pre- and post-treatment meds (doxycycline and prednisone) and a one month confinement.

Deogi 04-28-2010_1027

DEPP BARKER – this is a sweet little old man who was in horrible shape at the local Houston shelter.    Depp is an ancient little old man with a huge load of heartworms, consequently, his treatment will be very, very slow – and double the cost.  But well worth it.  

Depp is FULLY SPONSORED by Barbara G, Carl B, Juanita Anon, Donna F., Anna D L,  and Lorna V.

 The other three are young and very healthy so will get the two-shot treatment on Wednesday and will be available for adoption by the 4th of July.

Roscoe Humble Deogi 05-31-2010_1013

Roscoe ‘s heartworm treatment is FULLY SPONSORED by Edward R.

Churchill Ranger Deogi 05-31-2010_1007

Churchill Ranger IS FULLY SPONSORED by June Anon, Kathy H, Juanita Anon, Vicki W. and Diana Goldman.  

Beethoven Deogi 05-31-2010_1004

Beethoven’s treatment is 100% sponsored by Kathy H and Carmen E.

Brewster Turner adopted!

Brewster Turner adopted

This one was a hard one.  Little Brewster Turner was turned over to us at seven weeks.  His owners had purchased him on impulse but found out when they got him home, that their apartment wouldn’t allow dogs.  We got him about three days later.   He went to his new home this week, with his one year old sister!  Good luck little Brewster.  We’ll miss you!

Fluke Ranger Adopted!

Fluke Ranger Adopted

Last year, a little lhasa mix was found running around in a far northwest Houston rural area with four little puppies following closely behind.  The puppies all turned out to look very, very different from the mom and Fluke was one that looked sort of schnauzery.

Luckily, Fluke was a charmer and quickly won over her new family!

Voltaire Ranger update!

Deogi 06-13-2010-Voltaire-_1002

Just this week, while I was in the middle of helping with some rescues, I was asked if I had a “real life” at all.  I laughed and said this is my obsessive hobby.  And, it is.

This little boy is one reason!  This cute little face is what I see now everytime I walk toward the kitchen where the treats are kept.

Voltaire is thriving right now.  He is already gaining weight and eats just about everything I put in front of  him.  I still haven’t heard whether the mass in his anal gland was benign or malignant, but as far as Voltaire is concerned, he’s good!

Thank you, everyone, for allowing me to make this boy whole and give him at least a few more good years!!

Help us save more little fluffies!

Missouri City 2

You know the economy is forcing more and more people to give up their dogs.  Unfortunately, little high-maintenance shih tzu and lhasa apsos are first on the list of “gotta go” dogs.   One silver lining is that breeders are being forced to give up much of their breeding stock also, since they cannot sell as many puppies right now.  But, that just adds to our stress.

Deanna rouse

We are hoping and praying that this is just a temporary situation.  And are dedicated to saving as many little dogs as possible.

To that end, we are expanding what we can keep at Deogi, but we need to have staff enough to be certain that the dogs are well socialized.  Unlike a normal “rescue” boarding facility where the dogs are kept in a cage and taken out 1-2 times a day, Deogi is set up to allow the dogs a lot of playtime each day.  But, this takes staff.   We’ve got the daycare approach down pat, but to make it happen, we have to have people to watch and play with the rescues while they are out in the rescue playroom.  We already cover the cost of the space by keeping the “paying” clients, but need more staff to allow us to keep more rescues playing and having fun.

Bergin Barker A1025268

Did you know that for every $300 in recurring donation, we can hire someone for one hour a day every day during the month.  So please help us keep more dogs at Deogi.

At this point, we have enough in recurring donations to hire someone for 0 hours a day to play with the rescues.  Please help us expand this!!  Use the button below to subscribe to a monthly recurring donation to sponsor staff to help our little fluffs.

Sponsorship Options

Voltaire continues to progress!

Voltaire Deogi 06-08-2010_1014

This cute little guy is doing exceptionally well.  He met me at the door yesterday afternoon and followed me around the house waiting for dinner.  Here is a shot of him in his e-collar – another infamous tongue shot!  His incision is healing so he’s wanting to “nibble” on the incision.  Therefore, the annoying e-collar.

We’ve raised almost all of the funds needed to pay his bill off.  At this point, we’re only $295 short!!

If you can help with Voltaire’s surgery, please go HERE for paypal.  Or go HERE to tell me you are sending a check!!  If you want to do the donation via a credit card, you can download the credit card authorization form HERE.  Just fill it out and fax it to me at 713-583-7816 or 281-754-4851.  Email me to tell me you are faxing – we get a lot of faxes and I want to be certain to pick these up quickly!!

Hugs and thanks to Amy Sandhagen, Doug Cameron, Carmen Embert, Larry Cheek, Traci and Allen Breeding, Pat Heitmann, Jennifer Rue, Elaine Anon, Lisa Schwartz, Leo & Xander Wessell, Impulse Devices, Linda Harrington, Lorna Van de Weile, Jean Smith from Jose, Christine Hutchison, Barbara Grabell, Amy Kucera, Nikki’s Intimates, Cheryl Oyaski, Deborah Bettes, Lindsey Rozacky, Mike and Joyce Tate, JoyceYcasas, Kirby Luttrell, Vicki Wakefield, Marilyn Radler, Mary Kaye Moore, Margaret Lubke, Jennifer Lenardic, Harriet Kelley, Anna Dee Lastick, from Duke, Kathy Bartlett, Melissa Stockwell!