Dougie came in SECOND!! in the Life & Dog contest

Thank you to everyone that voted for the Dougie.  He came in SECOND.  First place went to Chincho, the Pug, another rescue!!



Winners Announced


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Chincho the Pug
by Aaron Reyes

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by Gary Osborn

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Sweet Jonathan!
by Rachel Hartig

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Congratulations Aaron, Gary, Rachel, Laurie and Laura!

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Lexie Elyse Wilson
by Laurie Wilson

October 2010 Intake – Donations desperately needed!

Granit Barker

HELP!  We are literally drowing in dogs.  They are coming at us in groups of 2, 3, 4 from each shelter each week.  Folks, we are just barely keeping our heads above water.  We desperately need sponsorships to take these dogs in.

Some MIGHT make it out the front door without us, but most will not unless we are able to get them! 

In order to get these pups, we desperately need intake sponsorships.  Intake sponsorships are for basic vetting – spay/neuter, heartworm test, Rabies, DHPPx2, Bordetella, Fecal exam, deworming, blood work for kidney/liver problems, dental.  Additionally, we almost always have infected skin or ears and other minor things that add up - tiny hernias to be removed, warts, teeth extracted, some even with weird blood values require multiple blood screenings.  On average, we spend right at $395 to get a healthy dog ready for adoption.  We just cannot take on any more dogs without help! 

Donate now 2010 Logo Small


CLICK HERE to pledge to send a check.

If you want your donation to count toward a specific dog, please indicate it in the “add special instructions” section of the paypal transaction , otherwise we will apply the donations toward  the dog most urgently in need.  If you donate for a specific dog and it turns out we do not get that dog, we will apply your donation to the next dog most urgently in need. 

Listed below are the ones needing rescue as of 10/10/2010. 

 Granit Barker

BARC Lhasa – SAVED 10-11-2010 Thanks to Intake Sponsor Harriet and Isolation foster Candice!!!  Named:  Granite Barker



HCAC Shih Tzu – This dog was adopted from the shelter.


HCAC Lhasa – Needs $395 Intake Sponsorship.  SAVED – this is Jif Harris, thanks to you all and isolation foster!!

Thanks to  Lindsay R and Anna Dee L, Sharon B, Sara C., Jeff H, Barbara G..

The story of Dougie…A true rags to riches story

Dougie has become quite popular.   Read his story and understand what a fighter this boy is!


In November 2007, we were presented with a horrible situation.  A tiny “shih tzu” had been hit by a car and left for dead on a southwest Houston freeway.  Broken and battered, he spent five days under animal control watch waiting for an owner to come forward.  None came.

Animal control called me and asked if we could take him.  I just about died at that point.  We were very full, and as always, very broke.  I just didn’t really know what to do when my heart shoved my head around and told me to at least go see what the damage was.  Bad mistake!

I met Dougie in a vet clinic where animal control had put him.   The vet said he was extremely broken and going to die if he didn’t get treatment fast.  I looked at his crooked face and decided that we needed to at least try to save him.


This is his x-ray. The red notations show his problems.  A rip in his diaphram caused his intestines to move into his chest, collapsing his lungs.  His pelvis was broken and he couldn’t walk.  One leg had significant nerve damage and even after surgically repaired, couldn’t be moved for quite some time.

He had surgery and now will likely never make it through the airport x-ray machines!!


His pelvis had to be pinned in place to keep it stable. 

People throughout the country rallied to support Dougie.  He received care packages from many people.


After the bones mended, Dougie still couldn’t walk.  The leg involved in the subluxated pelvis had significant nerve damage and his brain just couldn’t communicate with the leg.  We signed him up with the amazing Nancy Doyle at Gulf Coast for intense rehab.


It worked!  In just twelve short weeks, Dougie was walking and after six months, he was running and jumping like he had never been hurt.

He is a STAR and his strength brought him through this horrible event.

Booty is making excellent progress

Yes, our little booty man, who had a HUGE perineal hernia on his “booty” is progressing extremely well.  It took almost two weeks for him to start acting fairly normally, but today, he got up and wagged his tail. YEAH!  He looks great, has an adequate level of energy and is eating like a horse.  How cute is he!!

Booty Deogi 10-05-2010_2004

We came close to losing another – Minette Harris.

Yesterday was a very stressful day.  During her routine spay and dental surgery, Minette crashed.  Her bloodwork was good before the surgery and she had no known problems except for heartworms.  But, during the surgery, her gums became stark white and she came very close to dying.  Thank goodness she was at our fantastic vet, Dr. Moore, and he was able to pull her out. 

Whew.  She’s a cute little black and white 3 year old tzu girl. 

Minette Harris 09092010

We think she must be the mom of little Mignon.  But, who knows.


Reminder:  Vote for Dougie. 

Dougie has held his own today, but we have to make sure to get every vote possible to stay in first! 

In case you didn’t know Dougie’s back story, here is a link to our old blog about his first few weeks with us….

DOUGIE’S BACK STORY!! - Read from the bottom up.

So please go vote for the DOUGSTER!

Here is one of his many Halloween costumes.  Now do you know why good dogs go bad???  HAHA

Deogi 10-03-2010_1214

Dougie needs your vote TODAY.

Dougie at Kathys

I’m sure this is going to bug you, but Dougie is neck and neck in a contest to be the cover for a new, upscale dog magazine.  It’s called Life + Dog.  If he wins this contest, he will get the opportunity to publicize our rescue and rescue, in general, to the entire audience.

Please CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR DOUGIE .  If it says you’ve already voted, try again in four hours.  You can only vote once every 24 hours.  If it’s been longer than 24 hours, try clearing your cache first, then voting.

Dougie needs your vote and the votes of all of your friends each day.  Every day, Dougie is in the lead, then over night one of the competition catches up and over comes him.  We really want Dougie to win so please, please vote today!  Now!  and again in 24 hours.  We only have one more week to go.

AND, we need you to also vote for Mudd Pie.  Mudd has, amazingly, risen to SEVENTH without much publicity.  Please vote for him so he can be in the top five.


Although you get five votes in a 24 hour period, you can only vote for a given dog once.  Other LSSTLAR dogs include:  Mikey Mike Nichols, Marble Cheek  and Nailah Goodpasture.  Vote for them too!

If you don’t remember Dougie’s story from three years ago, click here for a summary from our old blog .