Say hello to Posh Spice Barker.

UPDATE 03/31/2011

Well, little miss Posh is doing well!  Look at this attitude!   She’s holding her head up and I’m convinced she can see at least shadows from her good eye.  She was following me around this morning so she HAS to be able to see.  I’m so hopeful she will follow in the steps of Chachacha and become the next success story for Lone Star.

Attitude Posh Spice 03-31-2011_1012

As you can tell, the right eye is not salvagable and we will remove it as soon as she is strong enough for surgery.  Right now, she’s on two antibiotics to prevent a septic situation and the rupture has at least drained a lot of pus in the past two days.  Poor little girl.  Can you imagine the pain she’s been going through while the eye built up to this?!

She will need quite a bit of medical care, her donation link is HERE.


Received an urgent message from the folks at BARC, Houston’s city pound, Monday.  Horribly emaciated shih tzu (or lhasa, who can tell?) with a punctured eye, needed out ASAP.


We picked her up early Tuesday morning and took her immediately to the vet.

Good news is that she has nothing fatal, bad news is that she has sarcoptic mange, a ruptured eye and is about four pounds underweight.

After a bit of food and meds, she was ready to snooze in her little isolation x-pen last night.

aPosh 03-29-2011_1015

She will need quite a bit of medical care, her donation link is HERE.

Hello from little miss Chachacha!

In January, you all rallied around this tiny little neglected girl shih tzu when we had to rush her to ICU.  She stayed for THIRTEEN DAYS!  Yes, thirteen days!  But, thanks to the wonderful folks at Gulf Coast Internal Medicine, she survived.  Yesterday, she went into a new foster home and is now ready for adoption!!

It’s so rewarding to be able to see these dogs transform.  I just cannot thank you enough for what you do to help us!!

This picture was taken the day after we got her.  She weighed around 5.5 pounds here.   She hadn’t eaten in six days and couldn’t stand.

Chachacha 1

After a few days in ICU, she was feeling better, but all of her hair was falling out from malnutrition.


Today, she’s happy, healthy and a feisty little poot.  And look at her nice coat.


Chachacha is available for adoption  NOW.  She’s about 1.5 years old.  She has to remain on a restricted diet for life and has enzyzme supplementation in each meal to compensate for her inability to digest food.

How adorable is this one?  Go to to apply or email me at

Houston folks – Fabulous portraits of your pets!! And it benefits LSSTLAR!!

 The fantastic Robyn Arouty, an innovative and unusual pet photographer, is holding a fundraiser photoshoot for us on April 16.  Have you always wanted a professional portrait of your pets (and you, if you like)?  Well, now is your chance!   Robyn is not the usual snap-the-picture photographer, she uses unusual backgrounds and truly captures the essence of your pet’s personality.  This gorgeous photo below is of my almost-17-years-0ld Chach. 


The sitting fee for this fundraiser is $50.  Yes, ONLY $50.  Her normal sitting fee is $350, but Robyn is a great rescue supporter and is donating $25 of the sitting fee straight to LSSTLAR.  We did a photoshoot last fall and raised $500!  All of the funds for this shoot will go to help our Mr. Mudd with his rehab.

For more examples of Robyn’s work, go to her website or check her facebook site,

This is my Snap.  Love this photo.


This is one of our adoptees, Marble, with his mom.


Her stuff is stunning.


Time slots are limited, so email her asap.

Donation matching challenge for MUNCHKIN!

Update Tuesday 3/15 – WOW, one of our fabulous supporters has issued a challenge to help Munchkin get over the hump!  From 9 am Tuesday to March 19 at midnight, they will match each and every donation dollar for dollar up to a total of $500.  That will get us so close to paying for her surgery!!

Please help!

Back story:

Little Munchkin came to us from Louisiana.  Her back right leg was pulled out of the hip socket AND her knee was badly luxated.  OUCH.  It was mangled and completely unusable.  Although we did not raise the funds for her, she had her surgery a week ago.  We really just couldn’t wait much longer.  She is a puppy – maybe 8-9 months old – and it was important to get this thing fixed before she grew more.

The amazing Dr. Brian Beale, of Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, did the surgery. 

Unbelievably, just one week later, Munchkin is already using the leg.  YEAH!!


This is a cutie pie girl.  She may need a bit of rehab later, but we’re not sure yet.  Right now, we just have the expense of her double surgery – Dr. Beale did an FHO on her hip joint to remove the badly damaged joint.  He also “fixed” the luxated knee by creating a new groove.  Whew!  So far, her fund has about $1000 in it – she needs about $2700 to pay off the entire surgery!  I know, I know, we keep getting these expensive little dogs – well, for some reason, they always know where to find us!

If you can help this cutie pie, her link is HERE.  Munchkin has around $1400 in her fund now, thanks to Christine Hutchison, Mary Hailey, Kelly Brandow, Bob Cogswell, Laura Labby, Amber Turman, Evelyn Garcia, Peggy Lucas, Kathleen Simmons, Lorna Van De Weile, Elaine Cobb, Martin Howard, John VonLienen, Mary Bourque, Linda Bridges, Grace Hewett, Barbara Grabell, Lynette Arceneaux.  YIPEE!

Thank you for reading.  There are a lot more stories and very frequent updates on our facebook page:

Rescued! Three adorable seniors!

Two weeks ago, we got a plea from a man who had three elderly shih tzu that needed us!  They had been left by his ex-girlfriend when she moved out and now they were living outside in the Texas weather.  One was 15!!
We didn’t even blink – nor, unfortunately, wait to get foster homes and sponsorships for them.  I was just too worried about three little fluffers being left outdoors.
The first picture is the one he sent me.  Look at those cute little faces.
Three Seniors
We got them safe thanks to one of our fantastic volunteers, Byron.  He drove them all the way from the Austin area to Houston last Friday. 
Austin Trio Boy Giddings 02-18-2011_1001
Austin Trio Girl Mexia Turner 02-18-2011_1004
Austin Trio Pyka Turner Old Girl 02-18-2011_1006
Little Pyka had a mammary tumor about the size of a small orange and another tumor coming out of her vagina.  I’m not going to gross you out with a photo, but trust me, it was upsetting.
We sent them all to the vet this week – Pyka had the mammary tumor removed and unbelievably, all other tests came back normal.  No heartworms, no liver or kidney disease indications, etc.  How lucky is that.
Here they are after cleanup!
Giddings Turner Deogi 02-22-2011_1072
GIDDINGS – male, around 10 years old, heartworm negative, happy, slight cataracts, hearing loss!  ADOPT NOW!
Mexia Deogi 02-22-2011_1088
MEXIA – female, around 10 years old, heartworm negative, sweet, waggy-butt, slight cataracts, some hearing loss.  AVAILABLE NOW!!  APPLY TO ADOPT!
Pyka Turner Deogi 02-23-2011_1203
CUTE LITTLE PYKA – female, around 12, heartworm negative, sweet, had a huge mammary tumor.  Slight cataracts, some hearing loss.  Will be available in about a month. 
Thankfully, we only had basic vetting for these puppers, but we followed our hearts rather than our heads and brought them in before getting the intake sponsorships.  I apologize, but I just didn’t want these precious little puppers living outdoors any longer.
If you can help us with their bills, please use the paypal link HERE for the “AUSTIN TRIO.”
If you want to send a check, please note our new address: 
PO Box  218075
Houston, TX  77218-8075



Thank you so much!

Munchkin needs surgery!

We’ve had Little Munchkin since December.  Her leg has been mangled for a while now.  Much like Mudd, she’s learned to live with it. 

Unfortunately, we had a few URGENT cases that jumped in front of her – Emme, Warren and the adorable Chachacha, but, the sooner we can get if fixed and rehabbed, the sooner this cute face can get into her own home.

Her right back leg has sustained considerable damage – the hip is pulled out of socket as is the knee joint.  What could have caused this is beyond my understanding, but the fantastic Dr. Beale at Gulf Coast Veterinary Surgery believes he can fix it!!  So, lets get her fixed!


Have you ever seen such a cutie pie?

She needs around $2700 to fix her knee and to do an FHO on the top of her femur.  She already has people lining up to adopt her so we want to get her fixed asap.

If you can help this cutie pie, her link is HERE.