Rescue 101–this is why we do it!

You know, “regular” people have no idea of the extent rescue volunteers and a group of facebook supporters will go to save a dog in need.  Here is the play-by-play story of our new rescue, Mr. Sonic OST Ranger.  The story started at 8:46 pm on June 17.

Houston, TX 2011-06-17, 8:46 PM CDT

Sonic OST Ranger

There is a what appears to be pureblood shih tzu on old spanish trail. he/she has matted hair and she really seems to want help, but shes super scared. i tried to get her so i could help her, but she tried to bite me, and i wouldve still gotten her cause you could see by the way she followed me and she looked at me she really wanted help but i have two kids under 2 in the car and i cant take the chance of her biting them. shes at the sonic on old spanish trail, brings me to tears to see her there all scared. if someone could help her. if you do please call me, xxx-xxx-xxxx. if you need any help with her i will absolutely help but i cant take the chance of her having something with my boys. my name is nikole. i really hope there is a soul out there who has it in their heart to help her.

This message was posted on Craigslist in Houston by a wonderfully caring woman who, even though she could not catch the dog herself, went out of her way to alert many people that this dog was in need.

Houston, TX 2011-06-17, 11:31 PM CDT

The power of social networking, via Facebook, stepped in.  The LSSTLAR facebook admin posted the following short message on the facebook wall:

ATTN:  Houston Folks.  I’ve had a report of a horribly matted shih tzu stray at the Sonic on Old Spanish Trail.  Is there anyone close enough to go check this out tomorrow?

Houston, TX 2011-06-18, 9:38 AM CDT

Saturday morning, a facebook follower, Amy, posted the following:

Went by Sonic & no pup; spoke w/ mgr and left my number to call if the pup returns. Drove around neighboring businesses and still no sign. Let me know if you hear anything else.

Houston, TX 2011-06-18, 11:56 AM CDT

Just a little over an hour later, another facebook follower, Sylvia, posted this:

I see him here laying in Grass next Foot Action if someone can come help me I will wait. He is real shaggy.

At that point, the game was afoot.  I was online at that point, just getting ready to head over to Deogi.  But, I was afraid if no one went right then to save him, we would lose the chance.  I jumped in my car and headed across town.

The temperature was almost 100 degrees.  When I pulled into the parking lot next to the Sonic, I saw a small band of people sitting in front of a lump of matted fur in the shade of an adjacent building.  As I approached, the dog got nervous and started to run. 

There were five of us trying to get him cornered.  He was slightly snappy so we had to be very careful.  Fortunately for him, he trusted and felt comfortable with Sylvia.  She was able to stop him from running long enough for me to slip a leash on him.  Once that was done, his demeanor completely changed and he trotted off, walking nicely to my side, to the car.

Huge thanks to Sylvia, Ted and Sophia who were determined to sit in the hot sun with this little dog  until help arrived!  Unbelievable.

Sonic OST Ranger

We carefully lifted him into the crate and off he went to Deogi to get cleaned up.

Sonic Ranger OST Becoming a dog

He was a tiny bit nippy when the groomer was doing his feet and tail.

Houston, TX 2011-06-18, 5:35 PM CDT

Sonic OST Ranger After

But the whole day was completely worth it, don’t you think???

Rescue 101 – this is the why we do what we do!

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