Repo Barker is going to need a bigger boat!

First, take a look at the progress this little pupster has made in just six short weeks.

A Repo Before and After

Cute little poot, isn’t he?

Ok, now that we have his mange under control, he is going to need some serious surgery.  Here is his story!

Repo Barker A1058721

Right around the fourth of July, this ridiculous picture was circulating the animal rescue community in Houston.  Tiny, little "shih tzu" puppy need rescue FAST.  Ok, he’s not a shih tzu, but possibly has some lhasa or havanese in there.  Regardless, he looked like a "LSSTLAR dog."  Yes, you read that right.  For some reason, most likely all of you, our wonderful supporters, we have this reputation for taking in nasty, infected, infested, broken little dogs – much like Repo.  So, guess what?  We got him!

Repo LSSTLAR_Jul092011_1001

He was infected and inflamed – had huge gobs of nasty, oozing scabs all over his tiny little body.  We started him on antibiotics and revolution for his sarcoptic mange and, after a negative heartworm test, ivermectin for his demodex mange.

Repo Barker Jul082011_LSSTLAR_1057

His skin was inflamed and stretched and wrinkled.  And he had the saddest eyes.  But, we decided to try to fix him.


Then he got very, very sick with an upper respiratory infection too.  For many days, he had to have subq fluids and a bunch of antibiotics.  He wasn’t excited about eating either.  After about 4-5 days without food, he finally started getting better and I was so excited to see him eating, I shot this picture of him eating off his blanket.  LOL

A Repo Barker Deogi_Aug052011_3054

Gradually he improved.  His inflamed skin calmed down and he slowly started growing hair.  AND, he started playing. 

But we noticed that his front legs seemed deformed.  He basically walked on his elbows.  Initially, when we first got him, I thought the weird walking was because he was so swollen and inflamed.  Not so.  Looks like he has a horrible genetic deformation.

So we took him to go see the AMAZING Dr. Brian Beale at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists to see if anything can be done for him.

Repo Barker Osborne0002Repo Barker Osborne0004

Well, his legs are a MESS!  Do you see how bowed they are?   Can you see where the bone that provides the weight bearing support is completely out of socket?   When I saw this mess, I thought there was no way this mess can be fixed.  Oh, yea of little faith – Dr. Beale to the rescue.

So Dr. Beale gave me some literature that described what could be done for Repo.  CLICK HERE to see the very interesting article. 

Another article, that shows the before and after photo of this hound can be found HERE.

What an amazing transformation.

A Repo Deogi_Aug152011_1030

So, here we go with little Mr. Repo.  Do we fix him or not?  It is going to be expensive.  He is one of the most pleasant and happy-go-lucky little dogs around.  He is not in any pain yet, but if we don’t fix his legs, they will continue to get worse and worse as he ages.  Dr. Beale thinks we need to do this surgery – as in RIGHT NOW – to give him the best opportunity to succeed. 

The estimate for surgery is $3,500 per leg.  GULP!  AND another $1,680 for post-operative rehabilitation.  He will have to be confined for two months.  That will break my heart since he’s just starting to feel good and play.

But, they can only do  one leg at a time, so we are going to raise the funds for ONE leg and 1/2 of the rehab NOW.  After we get that behind us and know it is working, we start working on the other.

We have had so many unbelievable expenses lately, that we must have the funds raised before we can start.  Please, please help us help Repo.  Right now, he is scheduled for surgery Tuesday, Aug 23.

Thanks for all you do to allow us to help these little dogs!


Lone Star Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue

Mr. Ty Barker–injured little boy

Ty Barker A1061145

Approximately two weeks ago, we were asked to pull this adorable little baby boy from the Houston BARC shelter because he had an injured right front leg and couldn’t put weight on it.   So, of course we went and got him. 

Ty Barker

He was kind of matted and had a very brittle coat, but we could tell he was just adorable.

Ty Barker oh so cute

Just a little spiffing up and look how adorable?!

But, he still was limping quite a bit, so off to Dr. Moore at Foster Creek Veterinary Hospital he went.

X-rays showed a few broken ribs (what?!?!) but nothing that should cause a major problem in his leg.  At that time, Dr. Moore thought he just needed rest, but referred us to the amazing Dr. Brian Beale, orthopedic surgeon extraordinaire at GCVS, to make sure there wasn’t something weird going on in his shoulder. 

Ty Barker with Dr. Beale

Dr. Beale did a great exam on Ty and found that he concurred with Dr. Moore – something had happened to break several of Ty’s ribs and the same trauma may have cause some soft tissue damage to his shoulder, but nothing serious so Mr. adorable cuteness is now UP FOR ADOPTION.

Lone Star Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue