Beautiful Mandy will soon need surgery!

Mandy SPCA Waller County_May212011_0018

The day Robyn Arouty and I went to the Houston SPCA to see the 199+ lhasas, shih tzu and maltese that they just received from a breeder in Waller County, TX, I photographed this pitiful, horribly matted, depressed little dog.  She is an Animal Planet star  – you can see them filing her in the foreground.  Little did I know what she had in store for me over the next few months.

Keeper Mandy Waller Davis SPCA_May302011_0551BADLEGS

The Houston SPCA called me a few weeks later to come get Mandy – they had discovered that her back legs were deformed and she couldn’t walk.  I thought she was just a gorgeous little girl so she came home with me. 


I quickly found out that she could walk, but


One of her back hips was terribly out of socket.


We took her to Foster Creek Veterinary Hospital to see what was going on.  UGH!  Her hips have no ball joints.  ICK. 

And, look at that x-ray – it looks like there are some weird, bony foreign bodies in her.  Uh oh.  PUPPIES!

Yes, indeedy, just a month after we got Ms Mandy from the HSPCA, look what happened…..

Mandy and SIX babies 06-27-2011_Jun272011_1004

Yes, that is Mandy and six little adorable puppies.

A Mandy and Gwen Mandy_Jul242011_1002

Miss Mandy spent the next few months raising six adorable little babies:  Gwen, MJ, Jon Bon Jovi, Taylor, Gaga and Pink!   So far, four have been adopted.

A Gwen 10 Weeks Old LSSTLAR_Sep042011_5025

A Gaga 10 Weeks old LSSTLAR_Sep042011_4007

A JBJ Benji Deogi_Sep052011_1239

A Pink Deogi_Sep052011_1220

A MJ Deogi_Sep052011_1237

A Taylor Gertie Deogi_Sep052011_1221

Then, Mandy took a short vacation.   She had to be away from the puppies for several weeks so that she would "dry up" and we can get her spayed.

A Mandy Deogi_Sep052011_1184

Now, it’s time for Mandy to go visit the amazing Dr. Brian Beale at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, and get her legs fixed!

It will be expensive.  I don’t even know how much it will be, but wanted to get started soon so that we can get her surgery as soon as possible.

So, here is the LINK to a chipin for donations through Paypal for little Miss Mandy!  She is scheduled for an assessment on Monday, Sept 19. 

Of course, donations can be sent via check – if you want to make a huge donation, a check is better since we don’t have to pay a paypal fee.  Donations can be sent to…

PO Box  218075
Houston, TX  77218-8075

And thank you all again for all that you do to help us save these little dogs!

Lone Star Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue

Help with the little fluffs boarding at Deogi

Deogi 04-20-2011_1036


Folks, we house quite a few rescue dogs at Deogi.  We are quickly getting it down to a science to keep many, many little fluffers happy.  We’ve made Deogi a fun place for the dogs.  Unlike other boarding places, the dogs get to play all day with their friends in a daycare environment.   Yes, they get quite dirty, but they are much happier, healthier pups this way.

We do this because there are just way too many dogs on death row in Houston that need nothing more than a little time.  Most are young, relatively healthy and are on death row simply because the right person didn’t come along in time.  It would be a SHAME to let these dogs die!

But, in order to do this, we need people working specifically for the rescues.  Their job descriptions include cleaning crates, washing the dogs, feeding the dogs, administering medications (this takes a LOT of time), cleaning the rescue sleeping rooms, cleaning the rescue playroom and outdoor yard, etc.  I know it’s difficult to commit to volunteering at Deogi each week for these little dogs .  Most of the tasks we need to accomplish must be done very early in the morning – when most of you are on the way to YOUR job.  So, we NEED TO HIRE people to work at Deogi for these rescues.  If you can possibly spare a few dollars each month, even as little as the equivalent of three Starbucks Venti Latte’s each month, you can sponsor an employee to work one hour each month for these little deserving dogs.  PLEASE HELP.

The are just WAY, WAY, WAY too many dogs right now and we just do NOT want to fail any of them.   If you cannot foster, please, please help us keep these dogs from death by sponsoring their vet bills and sponsoring time for employees to work with the dogs at DEOGI!

For those of you that live a long distance from Lone Star but still want to help us help more pups, please consider sponsoring some time each month for an employee to play with the pups.

Last fall, we asked for donations to help with the pups and people rallied so that we have approximately 20 hours each week covered.  With all of the pups staying at Deogi, we really need to hire another person or two so they can play all day every day.  Right now we have about 80 hours a month covered, but really need a total of about 360 hours.  Please check out the options below.   

Monthly Sponsorship options: 

SPONSOR DOG FOR ONE WEEK each month AT DEOGI – $20 automatically taken out each month - CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THIS OPTION.

SPONSOR ONE DOG each month AT DEOGI  – $85 automatically taken out each month – CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THIS OPTION.

SPONSOR ONE hour each month of playtime – $12 automatically taken out each month – CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THIS OPTION.

Thank you so much for allowing us to enhance the situation for these puppers!!

Please note that these options include an amount to cover the mandatory fee Paypal deducts from our donations.