Hit By Car, Pluto, needs orthopedic surgery

Mr. Pluto was rescued from the Irving Animal Control Shelter late in October.  He had been hit by a car and needed rescue asap.  We pulled him out of the shelter and took him to a vet in Denton, TX that works at a huge discount on shelter dogs.  Pluto had three surgeries to put him back together again. 

At the shelter, Pluto was in a lot of pain and wouldn’t even get up.  His pelvis area was just a mess.  Three huge fractures – the pelvis fractured on the right side and both the pelvis and leg fractured on the left.

14310747 Pluto VD Pelvis Second View

The shelter sent him to a vet in Denton who tried to repair all of the broken pieces on October 26.  He healed nicely but even a month out, refused to use the left leg. 

Pluto Irving

Yesterday, we took him to the orthopedic specialist in Houston (Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists) and found that, sadly, the repairs on the left left leg had failed and his leg was unstable.  Additionally, one of the pins has migrated and is now close to penetrating the colon.

So, Mr. Gorgeous Pluto is scheduled for urgent surgery on Monday, December 5.  They will remove the implants and plate the femur break.  Please help us help little Pluto!

We have started using Chipin to track paypal donations.  This link allows you to donate via paypal and credit cards:  ChipIn: Pluto Irving 2nd Surgery.

Of course, if you want to send a check, Pluto will gladly accept it. 

The mailing address is: 

PO Box  218075
Houston, TX  77218-8075

Thank you for reading.  If you can, please forward this message to other little dog lovers that might be interested in Pluto.

One thought on “Hit By Car, Pluto, needs orthopedic surgery

  1. darli’ pluto, my heart & prayers go out 2 u, hopefuffy they will find the funds that they need 2 operate on u! god bless all of u!

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