Adopted – Rourke


What a VERY lucky dog I am. I’m 8 years old and I have been living with my foster dad for the past 2 1/2 years. But guess what???? I have a new Mom who says she LOVES older gentlemen!! I absolutely fit the bill and now I have a new forever home with Starr Howard. Don’t we look great together? I think my foster dad will miss me, but wow, I have a second chance on life. Older dogs make great companions!!!!

Adopted – Bridget Ranger


Can you see how happy I look? Well, maybe you can’t really see it, but I am. I have a new home with a brand new forever Mom and Dad. Nikou Tabaee and Travis McCarra are my new parents. I saw them and loved them at first sight and you know what??? They loved me enough to give me a new home. Cool.

Adopted – Abigail

I have a new forever family and a new home! I was rescued and brought to Lone Star from Montgomery County and now I have a forever home. I didn’t know what had happened to me and I was pretty scared and confused. Then I met my new family. What more can I ask for?? My new Mom is Melissa Gonzalez and we “connected” when I first met her. I showered her with kisses to tell her how much I wanted to be a part of her life. And, Melissa’s 11 year old son is very excited to have me around. We are going to be great play buddies. And, then there is Lilly. Lilly is my new Shih Tzu sister. She is 9 months old and was pretty used to being the queen of the house. I don’t think Lilly liked me a whole lot when we first met, but she will learn that I love her and want us both to be happy. It may take some time, but I know she will think I’m pretty neat and find me to be a good buddy soon. I definitely love my new life!!!

Adopted – Bach


Oh boy, oh boy oh boy!!!!! My foster Mom Lee Ann and my foster Dad ADOPTED ME!!!!! I am so excited. I knew that I would win out in the long run!! I’ve been with them for 6 months and Mom told me that I was special from the very first day I came to live with them as a foster. I’ve been hoping they would adopt me and now I am so very happy!!! Mom and Dad even had a party for me when they decided to adopt me. I now have a new collar and leash and a brand new toy. We are one happy family! That’s all there is.

Adopted – Dreidel

Hi! I’m Dreidel and I want to tell you the best news! I have a new home and a new family. My new Mom and Dad are BK and Dwayne Harrison. My new siblings are CATS!!! Wow!! I can’t believe that, but so far we pretty much ignore each other and that’s OK by me for now. We have lots of time to be friends since this is my forever home. I’ve got lots to learn about my new routine here and so far I am loving every minute. The CATS will come later!!! I wanted to thank everyone at Lone Star for making this possible for me. My new parents are the best and so are the fabulous Lone Star volunteers!!! And so are the CATS, I think!!!

Recap of SEVEN 2012 urgent cases

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A Daisy May in Kitchen Deogi_Mar102012_5225

Wow, what is going on in the little abandoned doggie world?  We are blessed to have all of you following us and just could not handle what happens to these dogs without your support.   But, right now it is getting a bit out of control.

You know, our philosophy is that we cannot let any of them die.  Our volunteers are fabulous – often working 8-10 hours at a real job and then spending the rest of their day working to save just one more. 

But, right now, we are a tad overwhelmed.

Typically, we have one, or maybe, two URGENT or very expensive cases a quarter.  One broken leg and perhaps a case of bladderstones.  This year, 2012, we are only two months into the year, and we have already had SIX that had to go to GCVS and now a seventh, little Sleepy, a hit-by-car who had to have emergency surgery last night to remove his bleeding speen.  Yes, SEVEN.   GULP.  What in the world were we thinking, taking all of these sick dogs in?

Well, we just were not thinking with our heads, just our hearts.  So, we have a HUGE problem.  We have incurred . . . . are you ready?  Wait for it . . . . . $22,190 on these seven cases this year.   Now, we have raised some funds – thanks to all of you – about $5800.  But, we are still hung out there by over $16,000.

So, right now, we need to do some serious fundraising.

First, we are doing an online auction.  We need high end items for this auction.  Restaurant gift certificates, hotel stay certificates, artwork (shih tzu and lhasas), nice jewelry, high-end purses and other leather items, etc.   If you have anything that we can auction off to raise money, please email me at so we can get it in the auction.  We need to get all of the auction items in by MARCH 31.

Secondly, please don’t be upset, but we will be hitting hard to get intake sponsorships for all of the dogs we have getting ready for vetting – we are tapped out so have no backstop to vet these dogs without sponsorships. 

Finally, we will have to really push to get intake sponsorships before we take in new dogs now.  I apologize for that, but I am just trying to keep our ability to help the next little dog alive.  We are willing to take in any dog that needs us, we just need to have a foster home and the ability to get him vetted!

So here is the rundown on the urgent cases of just the last two months.

First, Daisy May Montgomery.

Daisy May came to us extremely obese.  She weighed in at almost 30 pounds.  We put her on a diet, which was going well for a while and then she got pneumonia and ended up in ICU at GCVS for several days.  Ugh.

Daisy May 2-25-2012

She is now recuperating  and on the mend.  She still is not eating well – insists on mighty dog – but at least she is alert, lively and engaged with the rest of the crowd.   That’s her picture at the top of this message.

Flounder Killeen

A Flounder Deogi_Feb082012_3081

Poor little Flounder sat for 10 days in animal control with a badly smashed pelvis.  We were finally contacted by a rescuer in the area and made aware that he was hurting.  We made arrangements to get him and sent him to GCVS to see the amazing Dr. Brian Beale.  Flounder has had his surgery and it was a success.  I am pretty convinced that he will not even need rehab once he heals.

Flounder Osborn0002


Joy Harris

A Joy Harris LSSTLAR_Dec112011_1404

Joy came to us from the Harris County pound.  She had a badly broken leg. 

Joy_Lone Star_428-20111212101352937-original

We sent her, also, to Dr. Brian Beale who fixed the leg. 

Joy Harris post surgery x-ray

She also has some neurological problems, but is slowly working through those.


Plymouth Barker

Plymouth Barker 3-10-2012

This adorable little young man was rescued from the BARC shelter and soon after, started having seizures.  Turns out he is in end stage kidney failure.  After all of the diagnostics, we are providing him supportive care – his wonderful foster mom is maintaining him with subq fluids daily.  We will continue this approach as long as he feels good!


Sleepy Ranger

Sleepy Ranger and Dr Moore

And then, there is Sleepy Ranger.  A little pup that a good samaritan saw get hit by a car.  He started bleeding internally this weekend and our fantastic vet, Dr. Moore, had to do emergency surgery Friday night. 

Dr. Moore took him home over the weekend.

Sleepy enroute back to vet clinic 3-10-2012

This morning, Sleepy is doing well.  Eating, drinking and much more alert.  Whew.


Bronte and Gavin

We also had extreme expenses with Bronte and Gavin, who we lost.  I am so sad at both of them because they were fantastic little dogs. 


We have a lot of expenses to make up so please consider a small contribution.  We didn’t have time to raise the entire needed funds for any of these dogs before we had to treat them, but we know we have a wonderful following so I am certain we will soon be whole again!

CLICK HERE for a paypal link set up just for these extreme expenses.

Donations can also be mailed to

PO Box  218075
Houston, TX  77218-8075

Thank you for everything.  Thank you for considering us.

Gavin’s status and Melodette’s challenge status.

Good morning.  I am trying out new software to help me more quickly create updates on the dogs for you!  It is a very neat piece of software, called Sendible, which allows me to send messages to many different participants with only one click, but I’m working through some issues.  Please bear with me!

Ok, on the Melodettes.  These cutie pies currently have $470 toward the $775 matching program.  The match donor is fantastic and always comes to the aid of these little pups and we want to be able to take advantage of her very generous offer.   This is mommy Melody, who gave birth to four adorable puppies, just hours after we rescued her from BARC.


Then there is this adorable little man, Gavin.  

Gavin went down in the back this week and is currently at GCVS awaiting treatment.  Folks, with all of the very expensive little dogs we’ve had lately – Daisy May who spent 4 days in ICU, Joy Harris – who had a broken leg fixed and then had a neuro problem, Flounder Killeen – a HBC little boy who sat at animal control for 10 days with a badly broken pelvis, Pluto Irving – who was hit by a car in Irving, TX and again, sat at animal control for days before we found out he was there – well, we are just tapped out right now.

I hate even saying this, because it’s just not like LSSTLAR, but we cannot go forward with Gavin until we have the funds to do so.  We have huge bills at these speciality clinics and we are just hurting right now because of this.  This little many NEEDS treatment, so please please help us help him.
As of Friday morning, Gavin only has $445 toward his $4500 treatment.  GULP.  Guys, I want to help this adorable little man.  He is counting on us!


Thank you for all you do for these pupsters!!

You can mail a donation to us at

PO Box 218075
Houston, TX 77218-8075

YOU are the reason we were able to save 285 dogs last year.  Pat yourself on the back for us, please.


Teresa and the volunteers and pups at
Lone Star Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue 

Super Urgent. Gavin Starling has a back problem. Needs surgery asap.

Adorable little Gavin Starling came to us from a very small outlying local shelter.  He was not horribly nelgected, but no one came looking for him, so the shelter asked us to take him.

He went through isolation with no problems and was scheduled to get a dental and some other basic vet work when, all of a sudden, he couldn’t walk.  

We rushed him to GCVS neurology – I know from past experience, that you have about 18 hours to get an issue like this addressed to have the best chance at success.

Right now, we’re in for an MRI and possible surgery.

We are up to our ears with the expenses of Joy (Broken leg and MRI) and little Daisy May who spent many days in ICU with pneumonia.  We just cannot go forward without having the funds to help little Gavin.  

Please consider donating anything you can.  He is a very sweet and deserving little dog.

HERE IS THE LINK TO PAYPAL to donate for little Gavin!  We think we will need around $4500 to help him.  I know, I know.  How in the world do all of these broken dogs find their way here?  I don’t know, but they do.

You can mail a donation to us at

PO Box 218075
Houston, TX 77218-8075

YOU are the reason we were able to save 285 dogs last year.  Pat yourself on the back for us, please.


Teresa and the volunteers and pups at
Lone Star Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue