Adopted – Ariana


WOW! When I went to PetsMart today I thought I was getting a new toy! But guess what? I met my forever family and I am so very happy. Olga and Jorge Plancarte saw me and fell in love with me. And, I now have my very own home. You know what? I fell in love with them too. Life is just great!!!!

Adopted – Kansas Montgomery


Yipee Skipee!! I’ve been adopted and I now have THE COOLEST DAD! I can’t believe that he drove about half way to San Antonio just to meet ME!! He had only seen my picture before. It was love at first sight for both of us. My Dad’s name is John Romere and we are going to live in Houston. I am going to be his only pup and I think I will have a life full of love and attention. I am quite the happy little guy!

Lone Star News–June 27, 2012

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Gwen and Kati Yawn 10-29-2011

Happy Birthday to the mandettes!  Yes, Mandy’s babies are a year old now! 

Remember them?

Mandy was part of the 199 dogs surrendered by a breeder to the Houston SPCA on 5/18/2012.

Mandy SPCA Waller County_May212011_0018

Then this happened.

A Mandy and Mandettes_1003

A Mandy and Gwen Mandy_Jul242011_1002

Mandy had six little pupsters just about three weeks after we took her in.  They grew up fast.  Two live in Houston, Gwen and Kati, two live in Ft Worth, Gertie and Gussie Sophia, one lives in Austin, Benji and one lives in San Antonio, Jacks.

All are sweet and loving little babies!

Adopted – Ty Barker

Ty Barker

Will you look at me with my new Mom Emily and my new doggie sister Molly? Do we not look like the happiest family ever????? I’ve got my very own forever home and I am going to be living in Plano Texas and I know that my life from now on is going to be absoutely fabulous! Thanks to all who made this day possible for me!!!!

Adopted – Mraz Burke


I have a new home and I am so very happy and excited. I’m going to be an “only dog” and get all the attention I want and need from Homer and Charlene Pate. We are definitely going to be a happy family!!!! And, I see lots of treats in my future!!!

Adopted – JJ Wyatt Barker

JJ Wyatt

Wowweee-Kazoweee I have a new home and a new Forever Mom. Kasey Harvath is my new Mom. Can you see how happy she is that I am now in her life? What a big smile!!! I want her to know that I am SUPER HAPPY too!!!!!! I will have a Siamese cat sister named Abby. I think that’s a good thing!! It will be great whatever because now I have my very own family. I will love them as much as they love me. Life is perfect for JJ!!!

Adopted – Klondyke Turner


I have a new Mom and I have my very own forever home!!!! What more could a girl ask for? My new Mom is Vivica Todd and we are going to live in San Antonio. I know my foster mom is going to miss me and I will miss her. But look how happy I am!!! Life is definitely good for me!

Adopted – Jed Montgomery

Jed 1.j

Jed 2

What a great day for me!!! I have a forever home!! Don’t I look happy with the twins Sheerna and Sheena Boone? I also have a human brother named Dwight and of course Grandma Doris. Way cool for me! I am now living in Charlotte, NC. I know that my foster mom Diana is going to miss me, but she knows that the best thing for me is a forever family. And, she knows that my new family will love me lots and lots.

Lone Star News–June 1, 2012

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LONE STAR NEWS – June 1, 2012

Adopted Charmaine Montgomery


Little Charmaine, second from the right, found her new forever home today!  Lucky girl!


Photo: This is the little 12 year old boy surrendered to the HSPCA! His owner became homeless and was forced to leave her pets. Thanks to the foster offer from Margaret, this boy is SAFE.

IN THE HOUSE – Milo Davis

Mr. Milo’s mom became homeless and had to surrender her pets to the HSPCA.  Milo is 12 and had some skin allergies so most folks would pass him by at the shelter.  WE HAVE HIM NOW, thanks to fantastic foster offer by Margaret.  We’ll get those allergies gone and him in a new home.

Buttercup cutie pie

BUTTERCUP enroute to new foster home

Little miss walk-about, Buttercup Waco, is hanging in Philly for a couple of days then off to Houston to FM Kim’s home.  Little escape artist better not need anymore adventures.  Buttercup is a Waco puppymill survivor who literally climbed out of her foster mom’s fenced in yard.  We searched for her for a good 10 days and finally, thanks to Safe Haven No-Kill Sanctuary’s loaned traps, she was caught!!  Whew!


Bourbon Checking out

Bourbon Orleans checking out

We went ahead with Bourbon Orleans’ surgery to fix his broken leg.  He was in just too much pain.  I know you all will think we’re nuts, but we just couldn’t let it go on.  We have a lot of faith in our followers!  So far, we have $1,960 raised of the total $3500 needed.    HERE is his PAYPAL link.  If you can help, this adorable little Louisiana citizen will totally appreciate it. 


Cute little Barkettes–Mallory, Maisie, Michael

Three adorable little 8 week old puppies were surrendered to BARC, the Houston area city shelter.  Mom is a shih tzu, dad is a terrier.  How cute are they?  They are now 11 weeks old.  They will be able to go to a home in about a month.  If you are interested apply now.  They can be pre-adopted by an approved home with another young puppy to burn up their energy RIGHT NOW.  Apply at


Have a very happy day today, my fantastic friends.

Lone Star Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue

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