Re-United and Adopted – Gizmo

Rivers Bexar

Are you ready for an amazing story?  Remember little Rivers Bexar, who was hit by a car in San Antonio a couple of months ago? Thanks to all of you, we repaired his fractured jaw – which was not an easy feat.

Well, guess what? We found his owner. Yes, his REAL, original owner. We found that Rivers, AKA Gizmo, had gotten out of his back yard while on a potty break when his doggie sibling figured out how to get the gate open. His owner, Felipe, was looking for him since just shortly after Rivers/Gizmo escaped. We were able to match them up because Rivers/Gizmo was hit by the car just a couple of block from his home and just a few minutes after he escaped.

We were so happy to be able to return Gizmo, in wonderful health now, to his dad this afternoon, when he came and “re-adopted” little Gizmo/Rivers.

Adopted – Moi Ranger

Moi Ranger

What a fabulous life I have ahead of me!  My new Mom, Karen, absolutely fell in love with me at first sight.  She picked me up and held me and just did not want to let me go!!!  I must admit, I loved her at first sight too!!  We could not be happier.

Adopted – Teddy Graham Ranger

Teddy Graham Ranger

Here’s a picture of me and my new fur brother!  I now live in Staten Island, New York!  That’s a REALLY long way from Texas!!!  My forever Mom’s name is Stephanie and I am so excited about our future life together!!

Adopted – Sassy Vetters

Sassy Vetters

Here is my official adoption announcement!!  Is that not cool or what?  I have been adopted by Alicia and I will be living in New York.  Somebody mentioned that I will be experiencing four seasons!!!  I heard about snow and I’m not so sure about it, but as long as I am with my family I know I will be safe and very happy.

Adopted – Arty Barkley

Arty 4.13.14 035

What a great day for me!  I’ve been adopted by Karen and Dino AND my new fur brother Nico!!!!  We are going to be one happy family and the best thing is that it is going to be forever.  Cool.

Adopted – Fonda Anderson


I have a new Mom, Darla, and a new Dad, Waylan.  They are my FOREVER parents and I could not be happier.  I am going to be loving my life with them and my two new fur siblings.  No longer will I be a neglected girl.  I am going to be loved and cared for and treated royally.  I am so very lucky!!!

Adopted – Luchik Turner

Luchik Turner

Here’s a picture of me with my new Mommy, Carolyn!  I am ONE LUCKY boy!!!  Mom is retired so she and I plan on spending lots of time together.  I see walks, playtime, and naps on Mom’s lap in my future!!!

Adopted – Zinka Turner


I could not be a happier pupster!!!  Thanks to Lone Star I have my very own forever home with my new Mom and Dad, Marcie and Simon, and my new human sister, Nadia.  And, Zoe the dog approves of me too!  We are absolutely the PERFECT family and we are going to have nothing but fun!!!

Adopted – Vanilla Bean Barker

Vanilla Bean (2)

I have my very own forever Mom, Annejeannete!!  I am so excited to be in my new home.  I even have a fur-sister, Sophia, who is also a Lone Star alum!!!  Thank you Lone Star for helping us find such a GREAT home!