Panda, at CAP in Houston, needs a home!!


Sweet little Panda desperately needs a home.  This adorable little girl came to CAP (Citizens for Animal Protection) over a year ago and has been treated for heartworms.  She is now ready to go.

It seems most adopters at the CAP shelter are passing her by because she needs cyclosporine eye drops.  DUH, she’s a shih tzu.  And, unfortunately, she’s nine years old.  Now, you and I know that our little fluffs typically live way past nine if we take care of them, so please someone call Jessica at CAP – 281-497-0053 and get this little gal into a real home!

Panda 4143753

Can anyone adopt this adorable HW+ shih tzu

Harris County-A277635-male-2years-hw.jpg

This very adorable little boy showed up on the "needs rescue" list from Houston’s Harris County shelter this morning. 

Guys we are just so unbelievably full.  In fact, we’re keeping so many dogs at Deogi right now, that I’m going to have to hire another person just to care for them.

This little guy shown here is heartworm positive, which means he has little chance of getting out alive unless a rescue takes him.

Frankly, all of the rescues are way overloaded so we don’t have much hope for this little guy.

If you are interested in and can adopt this little guy directly from the shelter, email me at and I’ll give you the contact information.