Bok Choy – new and improved!!

Hola!  My name is Bok.  My foster mom asked me to tell you all that I’m totally recovered from that nasty skin and am just the SWEETEST dog alive.  I am moderately lively, love laps but am not clingy and have never even thought about biting or snapping.

Bok Choy.jpg

I don’t mind other dogs, but don’t really care if they are here or not.  I’m all about people.  If you want a nice lap dog, I’m the one for you.

I  know what you’re going to say – I’m too old for you.  :(   Well, I promise I’m a really nice dog and although I don’t have 25 years left, I will be a great friend for the time I do have and I really don’t want to spend the time without a real home.  Would you??

Love, Bok

Say Hello to Bok Choy Harris

Hi my name is Bok Choy.  My foster mom tells me that I am just the sweetest little shy girl!  I guess that’s because I haven’t had much human socialization.  At first, I cowered when anyone tried to pet me, but now that I see there isn’t anything to hurt me, I follow my foster mom all around just so she’ll bend down and pet me.  I used to not have very much  hair on my back but it’s growing in very nicely now – a few more weeks on good food and supplements, and I’ll look like a normal doggie.  I’m heading into my senior years, and would like to find a place that will let me live INDOORS from now on.  My foster mom says that my skin was yucky because I lived outdoors. 


We expect that this girl will not get any adoption offers due to her age – she’s about 10.  We’ll keep her safe - not as good as being the spoiled princess in a house with only one or two dogs, as she really deserves to be, but she will be safe and loved. Right now, we’re looking at $100 a month, for her vet visits and meds while she is in our program.  She is looking for five people to subscribe to donate only $20 a month for her.  If you are interested in being one of her sponsors while she remains in our program, you can subscribe via paypal HERE or if you would rather send a check, you can do it HERE.

Today, Bok Choy has 1 sponsor.  THANKS CAT!!

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