MORE about the sweet little aussie/lhasa puppies!

The Barn’s puppies, in less than two hours, learned from their babysitter while I was on surgery leave, to sit – all in a line and wait to be hand feed, kernel by kernel.  Now that they are back with me, I am continuing that.  You should see the anticipation in their eyes – hard sometimes to keep that bohunkus on the ground.  Tidie White, unknowingly, has learned to down.  On the other hand, I am meeting some resistance to having them sleep two per kennel instead of all of them sleeping in a huge kennel together.  I need to guide them away from the ‘pack mentality’ they are fastly developing and separating them for daytime or night sleeping is a must.  Their displeasure is voice with a howl.  Guess that must be the Australian Shepherd in them.