Say hello to Collingsworth Barker (is this a dog?)

So, as I was walking out of BARC with little cute Jensen, the attendant offered that they had a couple of other shih tzu at the shelter and asked if I wanted to look at them.

I walked with her to another cage bank and as I was turning the corner, my eye caught a movement in the crate to the top left of the bank just inside the door.   And here is what I saw..

Wow, in that shape, how do you tell what kind of dog this is?  Long flat nose.  Black and white, maybe lhasa mix, tibetan terrier mix or havanese mix.  In just pitiful shape and scratching constantly. 

Sherry, our intake coordinator, is going to beat me to a pulp, but how could I leave a dog like this sitting at the shelter?

The BARC philosophy definitely has changed lately, too.  The told me to go ahead and take the dog on a medical release – this means that if the owner shows up within the legal hold time, I have to give him back.  Yeah, right.  Notice the dog does have his own collar on?  Yes, he has an owner somewhere.

So, he too, is in the iso ward at home.

He’ll head to the vet tomorrow.  Wish him luck.  Hopefully no heartworms!