Darden’s hip replacement didn’t work, but…


Darden’s hip replacement, done about 16 weeks ago and adjusted about eight weeks ago, just didn’t work for him.  About eights weeks ago, we found out that his hip had slipped out of the socket.  I was so unbelievably disappointed, but Dr. Liska at GCVS revised his surgery and only charged us $500 for the revision.  I was elated – thinking that this little boy was finally going to be able to run and play.

After ANOTHER eight weeks of crate rest, which just absolutely drove Darden crazy, we found out, unfortunately, that his hip had slipped out again.  So, this just is not to be for Darden.  Right now, I want him to enjoy a few weeks of fun playing like a one year old should.

After that, we are considering FHOs for both hips – if we can raise the funds for it.  Dr. Liska said he would remove the implants from the hip replacement for free, but we will have to raise enough for his other FHO and at least 12 weeks of rehab.

In the meantime, Darden is one happy camper – finally able to get out of his crate and play with the others again!