Abbi Tate Worth Update – our sweet 15 year old is closer to her forever foster home!

Received this update today from the DFW coordinator:

Abbi got her dental today and she has these amazing white teeth and only had two removed.  They were lose due to so much hair being wrapped around them. 

She had a couple of fatty tumors removed from her side and an inclusion cyst removed from her tail.  She will need stitches out in 10 to 14 days.

She also had her ears flushed and the hair removed.

Her heartworm test was negative YEAH!!!!

She has a skin infection and was started on antibiotics.  Hopefully this will take care of her chewing her skin.

She is an amazing little girl and should be just fine.  She did great in her surgery and ate a little when she got home and is staying pretty close to the water bowl right now.  We will meet Mike and Joyce this weekend and she will go home where she can get all the TLC she can handle.  Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers and well wishes for this little girl. 

YEAH.  Go Abbi.

Abbi says THANK YOU!!

Abbi is getting ready for a pretty intensive dental procedure.  She has several nasty teeth that need to come out so once we know that her bloodwork will allow for surgery, in she goes.

Thanks to the following people, we not only have enough to do the initial vetting, but also have enough for almost six months of her monthly sponsorship – so she’s good to go.


Tricia Havis, Anna Dee Lastick, Joana Laake, Juanita Smith, Lorna Van De Wiele, Rebecca Morgan, Barbara Boody, Dorothy Brown, Wylene Dunbar, Cynthia Adams, Ginger Guest-Warnick, Sharon Lisk, Cindy Leigh, Nicole Taylor, Natty Products, Christine Hutchison, Kay Avery, Denise Welch, Nikki’s Intimates, Lori Ugolik, Margaret Lubke, Julia Skidmore, Linda Harrington, Byron Ledger, Mike Birke, Cat Martindale, Traci Tran, Maureen Skarzynski, Martin Howard, Micki Jenkins

Sunday update – Abbi Tate – Playgirl

Abbi is full of energy this morning.  She is bouncing all over the place wanting to play.  She played with Dega earlier and it was sooo cute.  She’s at least 2 or 3 years older than my little old man Caleb and got a lot more spunk.  We need to get her to Mike and Joyce soon because she is fast becoming part of the family here.



Day two of a REAL LIFE for Abbi Tate Worth

Peggie, one of our great fosters is a total sucker for the older dogs.  She picked up Abbi from the shelter yesterday and got the beginnings of her vetting today.  She has really horrible teeth and needs several extracted, but we have to wait on her bloodwork for that.  Here’s Peggie’s account of the vet visit.

My husband took her to see Dr. McGuire today and he brought her back here (can anyone say SUCKER).  We will keep her until her lab work is back and she is fully vetted.  The following is what Dr. McGuire told Doyle.Her heart and lungs and tummy areas sound good, the cyst on her tail was drained and if it fills up again he recommends draining it not surgery, she got her vaccinations, her ears look good although she is deaf, she does not have dry eye but she does have cataracts but she can see a little, she is getting benadryl 3 times a day and that could change after he gets the blood work back, he thinks the skin problem could be thyroid related, he has sent a request to Teresa for a dental, her mouth is awful.  He tried to get the hair off but got the same result as I did.  We will keep her until all her vetting is done and then meet the Tate’s to take her home.  She reminds us a lot of Faith one of our early fosters.  She is no trouble at all.  Last night I put her in a crate and she stared to bark, I got up and took her out and put her back in, she started barking again so I let her out and she came right back to my office and crawled into one of the dog beds in here and slept there all night.  She is sleeping on the couch right now and is such a sweet little girl.  It’s weird having a female foster, we have not had that many and cross your fingers but she seems housebroken although here it’s hard to tell.   Having her a little while longer will give me a chance to fix her hair better.  I just trimmed her up a little yesterday because she was so uncomfortable. 
Abbi says THANKS to all of you that helped give her a real life.
 Abbi says THANKS to all of you that helped give her a real life. 

 Abbi says THANKS to all of you that helped give her a real life. 

Say hello to Abbi Tate Worth

Welcome to the real world of dog LOVERS, little Abbi.

Peggie took her home and got her cleaned up.  Here’s Peggie’s account of this sweetie:

I picked up Abbi today.  She was an OTI, she is 15 years old!!!.  She has terrible skin allergies (flaky does not begin to describe it), is deaf (I think), partially blind (but gets around great), her ears are horrible and in the close up of her face if you look where her bottom teeth are they are covered in hair from chewing, oh and she has a bad cyst on her tail. She has chewed raw spots on her legs but I did not shave her.   I tried to get the hair off her teeth but I was afraid she would hurt her mouth chewing on my hand.  She got a soaking medicated bath and I scrubbed off as much of the scabs as I could, clipped her nails, cleaned her ears and put anti fungal drops in them, gave her some benedryl, and she had some ZD Hills anti allergy food for dinner.  She has a good appetite and her poop looks normal.  She has been wandering around the house checking everything out and my “kids” like her.  She’s very sweet although a little skittish and she does snap at you if she gets upset but it does not hurt at all.  My husband will be taking her to Dr. McGuire’s tomorrow.  She is so cute and so funny, I’m very glad we got her.




WAHOO – Safe and sound – 15 year old orphan is HOME!!

Yep, you go it right!  We have her now and she’s getting prettied up, thanks to Peggie!

She has bad, itchy skin and a cyst/tumor on her tail and is afraid of everything right now.  She’ll get over that once she’s been out of the shelter and in a GOOD, LOVING home.  Underscore GOOD, LOVING! And, finally, after 15 years she is HOME!

Her new name – Abbi Tate Worth. 

I’m still tallying up the overwhelming donations and pledges but think we’ve probably got her covered not only for initial vetting but for a few months of the on-going too!

Check back for the donor update and, hopefully, cleaned up pictures.

You all ROCK!!


HELP!! 15 Year old tzu dumped at animal control

This is a really sad situation.  Sweet little 15 year old shih tzu was dumped at animal control.   How unbelievably sad.  We need to be able to get her asap, but she will need some pretty hefty vetting and we just cannot authorize her rescue until we know that we will be able to fund her vetting.  We desperately need at least $500 for initial vetting and then we need at least five monthly sponsors for $20 each.  PLEASE think of this baby!!

If you think you could help with her initial vetting, please DONATE HERE via paypal. 

If you are interested in being one of her sponsors while she remains in our program, you can subscribe via paypal HERE or if you would rather send a check, you can do it HERE.


She needs out now, she is so unbelievably confused about why she is stuck in a cage in a totally foreign place.

As of 5:30 pm on Friday, February 16, she has all she needs for the initial vetting and we’re well on the way to having sponsorships for the next six months.  No more donations for now.  She’s good to go.





Happy New Year from Mims and Merlin!

Merlin and Mims are still doing very well. Merlin has lost his hearing, although a loud clap still does the trick. Mims has lost some more vision so they help each other out, one sees, one hears. Merlin likes to be independent and Mims loves to be with someone. Mims actually has fallen for our dog Tiger also from LSSTLAR. They look like mutt and Jeff together as Tiger is 9 pounds and Mims is 24 pounds, but they run and play together ever day. It is always so nice to see how dogs will always find someone they can love.

The M&M’s will be going in for their annual checkup this month and could really use a sponsor for this. they need shots, heartworm test and possible dental. Please consider helping them out with this so they remain healthy.

Audi Harris has a GIRLFRIEND – cute gray and white shih tzu

January 18, 2007 at 12:36 pm

Audi has a GIRLFRIEND!! Tigger who was also a dog rescued by LSSTLAR but adopted by her foster mom has fallen for Audi and gives him the Tigger clean ear treatment every day now. At first Audi was a little put off by all the attention but today I saw them playing and wrestling. They both have horrible hearts as far as how they pump, but they know to use it and enjoy life in the moment. It is great to watch them cuddle up together and just be. Audi continues to need cyclosporin drops for each eye twice a day and his heart medication to help wiht his murmur. Please consider sponsoring his costs so he and Tigger can play for a long time!
Thanks from Tigger and Audi