Lovey, pregnant lhasa, becoming a Lone Star dog tomorrow!

We confirmed it today, this little gal is coming into rescue TOMORROW – Friday.  No one else wanted her, no one else wanted the risk of a pregnant lhasa with four LARGE puppies – ready to be born.  SO, we’re picking her up.

Guys, we need help.  We have one donation, THANKS CAT!!, so far for this gal and desperately need to know that we have enough to vet her and those LARGE babies – don’t know what this sweet little girl has been bred by but we think she’s enough lhasa to make up for just about anything.  We need another $900 or so to be able to take care of them.  HELP.

If you can help, please donate via paypal HERE.  Or GO HERE to send her a check.

And, ALERT, ALERT, we may have to do a c-section.  You never know whats going to happen when a sweet fluff has been bred to a possibly much larger dog.  The vet estimates the c-section at around $700 but we’ll let you know if it comes down to requiring a c-section to save her life.



Fluff of the Week! Lawson Turner

Don’t for get to check our FLUFF OF THE WEEK – this week it is Mr. Lawson Turner.  In his honor, we had this cute “Monet” style painting done with his cute face.


Digital painting done by


 If you don’t know about his story, check out his WEBPAGE.  Don’t forget to click on the pictures of his horrible eye tumors.



Audi Harris has a GIRLFRIEND – cute gray and white shih tzu

January 18, 2007 at 12:36 pm

Audi has a GIRLFRIEND!! Tigger who was also a dog rescued by LSSTLAR but adopted by her foster mom has fallen for Audi and gives him the Tigger clean ear treatment every day now. At first Audi was a little put off by all the attention but today I saw them playing and wrestling. They both have horrible hearts as far as how they pump, but they know to use it and enjoy life in the moment. It is great to watch them cuddle up together and just be. Audi continues to need cyclosporin drops for each eye twice a day and his heart medication to help wiht his murmur. Please consider sponsoring his costs so he and Tigger can play for a long time!
Thanks from Tigger and Audi

Update on Audi Harris – adorable shih tzu boy

An update on Audi, also known as Rowdy Audi….no he is not rowdy, but he does love toys, goes to the toy box several times during any day to find one to carry around. His favorite is a small boda bear that has seen much better days but that Audi loves to sleep with. He will take it to bed at night every night and then out the next morning. Too sweet. His health seems to be holding on, he does get drops twice a day in each eye for dry eye, but no other medicines are needed at this time. He enjoys his belly rubs, baths, snoozing and has to know where his people are. He is a total joy to have here and I honestly don’t know why he ended up at animal control. He is a great little guy. Thank you to all that are willing to help in Audi’s care.

Update on sweet shih tzu man, Audi Harris

Hi, a quick update on Audi and hopes for good news. Last night Audi tossed his cookies so to speak and now has no interest in eating. The vet is concerned this tummy issue could tun bad very quickly with his problems so we will go in for a check up to see what is going on. Please wish him good luck. He asks us for so little and is such a good natured gentleman. Loves belly runs and sleeps on his back most of the time with all four legs totally relaxed. Looks like he is on vacation chilling on the beach! He is great!!
Audi’s foster mom

Say hello to Audi Harris


Say hello to this sweet elderly old man.  Little guy is at least 13 years old and was left at the Harris County shelter to end his days.  Thankfully, they let us take him.  He has a bad heart murmur and a few other minor things.  Here is a note from his foster mom…..

Hello to all from Audi!! He has been at our home for several days now and is fitting in just fine. He only wants belly rubs, to know where you are in the house and to be there too! Audi has dry eye so for that he gets a drop a day and we are clearing up an infection in both eyes from no tear production for so long. He also has a heart murmur and is on low dose of the medication at this time with no need for lasix yet, which is GREAT! He is really a sweet guy that deserves to have a home of his own for his remaining time. Please don’t overlook him or any of these sweet seniors that will love you more than any young puppy. They know what the world can do to a dog and appreciate the kindness they get from anyone. Audi is a great dog, big beautiful eyes that melt you. Thank you for visiting.

Audi’s Foster mom

Audi will be in our program for the rest of his days.  He does need some help in the funding area.  Without your donations, we cannot continue to take in these needy, yet deserving, abandoned little dogs.  Audi ran up a small bill with all the initial diagnostics and getting him stabliized.  His fund needs $ 225 for the initial work up.  He also will need a monthly “allowance” to allow him medicines and periodic vet bills.  We’ve determined that, on average, barring serious complications, these dogs need about $1200 a year for normal vetting.  Audi is looking for five people to contribute only $20 a month to his “normal vetting” fund. 

To be one of Audi’s monthly sponsors by credit card, go HERE to subscribe to his monthly contribution via paypal.  Or if you would like to send a check for $20 a month, go HERE.

And, if you could or would like to sponsor all or part of his initial $225 vetting bill, please donate HERE via paypal or HERE to send a check.

Audi says thank you so much for not letting him die on the cold concrete floor at the shelter.

Update:  October 20, Audi has partial sponsorship for his initial vetting.  Thanks to Victoria T., Audi needs only $205 to pay off his initial bill.  He also needs MONTHLY SPONSORS!!

To date, Audi has 0 monthly sponsors.