Lovey MacKenzie Spuds/Felicity Hill/Tootie Collins fund status

Update, 3:00 pm, Friday.

We are slowly making progress on rounding up enough to pay for these sweeties vetting.  So far, Lovey has $150 toward the $1000 we think we need for her vetting and that of the puppies.  Thanks Cat and Barbara!!

The two cherry eye girls, Felicity and Tootie, have $50 toward their surgery.  THANKS Barbara.

Here is a little update on her trek to Lone Star from her new foster mom….

Smashed up french fries (hence the name Lovey MacKenzie Spuds) looked and tasted like caviar to this starving, pregnant mom who was eating them in a Denton, Texas apartment parking lot, next to the dumpster, when she was found.  The sonogram indicates she is pregnant with 4 babies.  She was filthy with long matted and cockaburred fur.  Even though she had been a stray, spent 7 days at a vet’s office and then came into rescue, she allowed me to groom her without incident.  She is a sweet as they come although the snap of a camera is something that frightens her.  She also is very curious of the back door.  It is obvious (from the way she rides in cars, walks on a leash and is polite) that she was someone’s well cared for dog and I believe she is trying to get back to her owner.  Once those babies arrive, she will not care about that any longer.  The vet estimates she will deliver within the next 7 days.  According to his measurements, MacKenzie should do fine with the delivery as the babies are not as big as originally anticipated.  Now we wait for her temperature to drop and the babies to arrive.  Other than being pregnant, she is a healthy girl and so polite.  I like to gently rub her belly and tell her that I know she has babies in there.  She seems to like that as it is soothing to her.



Sweet little Felicity Hill has a nasty cherry eye!!!

Introducing our little miss Felicity in her before and after poses. A local shelter found her wandering the cold streets in a southern suburb of Dallas.  As you can see in the before picture, she was a very matted ball of fur. After hours of bathing and grooming, out emerged a tiny cutie. She is very young and playful.  She probably has not had much love in her life because she was very scared of things at first. For example she has no idea how to play with doggie toys and the squeaky ones make her run and hide.  She does love people and other dogs and wants to play.  So given time and some confidence boosting she will blossom into the perfect family member.
Unfortunately, after all the fur came off of her, we discovered she has a condition known as cherry eye.  This is when a gland at the base of the eye, which usually produces tears, becomes enlarged and starts poking into the eye itself.  It is very irritating and causes the whole eye to be red and itchy.  If not treated, Felicity could scratch at it, which could traumatize the gland further or possibly create an  ulcer on the surface of the eye.  Fortunately, there is a treatment for this condition which will relieve all of her pain.  The vet can surgically tack the gland back into place with a suture.  In addition, she has a small hernia that needs to be repaired. Please help Felicity by becoming one of her angels and donating towards the cost of her surgery so she can soon find her “forever” home where she’ll be loved and cherished the rest of her life.

Of course, she really needs your help.  The estimate for her total vetting is just over $686.  She would prefer that she gets this nasty cherry eye fixed sooner than later.

If you can help, please donate via paypal HERE.  Or GO HERE to send her a check.





AFTER – Thanks Jenni!





 We got an urgent email last night…

This little girl was found as a stray. She appears to be a Lhasa Apso or Mix and to be around 2 years old. She weighs 17 pounds.  She was starving when she was found and scarfed up whatever food she was given like she had not eaten in days. She was given a sonogram and heartbeats were detected so she is pregnant, although they are not yet sure how far along she is. This little girl was found as a stray. This girl still needs a place to go. The vet looked at her today and says she is 5-10 days away from delivering. There are four puppies, and they are big for her size so she may need help delivering them. Momma dog is pretty grumpy right now.

Again, we expect quite a bit vetting bill for her and four puppies.  We need to get her today!!!  We’re expecting at least $1000 to vet her and the puppies and possibly more depending on problems she might have.

If you can help, please donate via paypal HERE.  Or GO HERE to send her a check. 

Her name is Lovey!!

Bok Choy – new and improved!!

Hola!  My name is Bok.  My foster mom asked me to tell you all that I’m totally recovered from that nasty skin and am just the SWEETEST dog alive.  I am moderately lively, love laps but am not clingy and have never even thought about biting or snapping.

Bok Choy.jpg

I don’t mind other dogs, but don’t really care if they are here or not.  I’m all about people.  If you want a nice lap dog, I’m the one for you.

I  know what you’re going to say – I’m too old for you.  :(   Well, I promise I’m a really nice dog and although I don’t have 25 years left, I will be a great friend for the time I do have and I really don’t want to spend the time without a real home.  Would you??

Love, Bok

December 2006 – Holiday Newsletter – Urgent need

Wow, what a very busy month November was.  Hopefully, you all had a great Thanksgiving and are gearing up for a fabulous Christmas!!  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Texas.  Weather is cooling off (ok, nothing like Denver, but hey, 55 is COLD for us) and decorations are going up all over the place.  

We’re so proud of the work you’ve allowed us to do.   We have adopted out almost 200 dogs this year!!  And saved some dogs that were almost not salvagable.  We do have some last minute emergencies and some on-going care huge bills, but first…..

First, GOMEZ TURNER, one lucky little boy.  His HUGE, ORANGE-sized tumor was benign and his surgery went well.  Thanks to the great surgeon at Dallas Veterinary Specialists.  Little Gomez is doing wonderfully. His scar on his tummy is hardly noticeable and he is his old self thanks to all of his donors. He is on a supplement of vitamins,antioxidants, Amino acids and SAMe and prescription diet food for his liver to help it regenerate, which, fortunately, he loves. He will need to have his blood checked in a few months to see if there are any more problems, but he was a perfect patient and now enjoys his daily walks to help ease his arthritis and seems to be enjoying life without much pain. Santa has already given this little dog what he needed and he is so thankful.  You know, this boy will now have a great life – but only because of you all who donated to help him!! 

Secondly, MCGUIRE HARLEY HURST - came in as a hit-by-car with his jaw and back broken.  The back has knitted together well and the jaw is healing.  Here is a note from his foster mom:  Well after a long three in a half months, all of Harley’s pins have been removed. The vets were able to fix his broken back and he can now run and jump up on couches and chairs as if he had never been hit by a car.  His lower jaw  was broken in two places and completely detached from itself making it impossible for Harley to open  or close his mouth.  The doctors were hopeful that by pinning his lower jaw together, new bone would grow and fuse the broken pieces of the jaw back together.  Unfortunately, only one side of his jaw was able to grow new bone and fuse the pieces together.  Although this is not the best possible out come, it is not so bad it means that Harley can only eat soft foods and he can not play tug of war or chew on rawhides.  Harley, does love to eat he has gained 3lbs since he was rescued and is now at a healthy weight of 11lbs. 

Harley loves to snuggle with humans and gives the sweetest kisses.  He also likes to play with his foster brothers.  Harley is a very sweet happy boy who likes to take long walks and sniff everything around him,  he introduces himself to all the dogs big or small he meets out walking (I think he’s looking for a girlfriend!).  He will make a great family member to anyone lucky enough to adopt him.”

Third, ANDREW GARLANDER – hit by car with a broken pelvis and a herniated diaphram.  Again the surgeons fixed this little guy and he’s just about ready for adoption.  If you saw this guy today, you would never even guess that he had been hit by a car.  He has healed completely and now enjoys to taking long walks, running around the house or yard chasing his foster brothers and sisters.  Although, Andrew is a good 25 lbs he just wants to be a lap dog.  He loves to snuggle up on my lap and he will even sit up on my lap and put his front legs around my neck like he is giving be a hug.  It is the cutest thing ever.  Andrew will make a great addition to any family and due to the generous support he received after his accident, he is now ready to find that family.


BUT, of course, our mission continues and we desperately need your help.  I know you all are all wrapped up in Christmas activities-please enjoy your families and give them hugs for me – but please also don’t forget the homeless dogs who have very little chance at life without you!

First, little Angelina Jolie Ranger – found as a stray in July and had significant surgery – she has recovered nicely since her surgery to remove her tumors.  Here is a note from her foster mom:  “The tumors came back malignant so I have been keeping an eye on her stomach area to make sure no more tumors occur.  So far she has not had anything abnormal so I think that the we removed the tumors early enough before they spread to any other part of her body.  We are so thankful to all the generous angels who donated to help save her life.
Angelina loves to be near me and snuggle on my lap.  She spends her days comfortably resting on her bed and taking walks.  She must not have been around many dogs in her life, because she does not know how to play with them.  But she is very interested in watching her foster brothers and sisters play.  I am hoping that she will soon catch on and join in on the fun.  She is a very sweet girl just waiting to find her forever family.”

Angelina still needs significant funding to help with her $800 vet bills.  We love doing this work, but still need to pay the wonderful vets too.  Please help us continue to save little dogs like Angelina.  To donate via paypal, please click HERE. If you would rather send a check, please click HERE.

Razzle Oak – This sweet baby girl was stuck at a shelter with an eye READY TO BURST.  We picked her up and she went immediately into emergency surgery to remove that eye.  She is recovering nicely and will be totally adoptable, but her bill was $350 for the eye enucleation.  To donate via paypal, please click HERE. If you would rather send a check, please click HERE.

Ishmael Oak – another very sweet baby boy, we thought for certain we would lose him when we first got him.  Odds were against him – he was in horrible shape AND had a horrible heart murmur.  We did the basics but had to wait for him to get stronger before we could remove and analyze some little tumors on his head.  He has some sponsors, but still needs around $550 as of right now.  To donate via paypal, please click HERE. If you would rather send a check, please click HERE.

Finally, sweet little Heaven Ennis continues to incur costs.  Some may ask why we just don’t put her to sleep.  Well, I guess we could get out of the huge financial responsibility for her if we did, but as long as there is hope for her, we just cannot do that.  We know that you feel the same way – many of you have said over and over – someone needs to help those that have little chance!!

There are also some Forever Fosters that still desperately need monthly sponsors. Check these babies out HERE.  They just cannot help it that they are old and ill and were dumped.  Please help us help them.

Say Hello to Bok Choy Harris

Hi my name is Bok Choy.  My foster mom tells me that I am just the sweetest little shy girl!  I guess that’s because I haven’t had much human socialization.  At first, I cowered when anyone tried to pet me, but now that I see there isn’t anything to hurt me, I follow my foster mom all around just so she’ll bend down and pet me.  I used to not have very much  hair on my back but it’s growing in very nicely now – a few more weeks on good food and supplements, and I’ll look like a normal doggie.  I’m heading into my senior years, and would like to find a place that will let me live INDOORS from now on.  My foster mom says that my skin was yucky because I lived outdoors. 


We expect that this girl will not get any adoption offers due to her age – she’s about 10.  We’ll keep her safe - not as good as being the spoiled princess in a house with only one or two dogs, as she really deserves to be, but she will be safe and loved. Right now, we’re looking at $100 a month, for her vet visits and meds while she is in our program.  She is looking for five people to subscribe to donate only $20 a month for her.  If you are interested in being one of her sponsors while she remains in our program, you can subscribe via paypal HERE or if you would rather send a check, you can do it HERE.

Today, Bok Choy has 1 sponsor.  THANKS CAT!!

Click on the “comment” link below to see what people have posted about Bok.

Say hello to Audi Harris


Say hello to this sweet elderly old man.  Little guy is at least 13 years old and was left at the Harris County shelter to end his days.  Thankfully, they let us take him.  He has a bad heart murmur and a few other minor things.  Here is a note from his foster mom…..

Hello to all from Audi!! He has been at our home for several days now and is fitting in just fine. He only wants belly rubs, to know where you are in the house and to be there too! Audi has dry eye so for that he gets a drop a day and we are clearing up an infection in both eyes from no tear production for so long. He also has a heart murmur and is on low dose of the medication at this time with no need for lasix yet, which is GREAT! He is really a sweet guy that deserves to have a home of his own for his remaining time. Please don’t overlook him or any of these sweet seniors that will love you more than any young puppy. They know what the world can do to a dog and appreciate the kindness they get from anyone. Audi is a great dog, big beautiful eyes that melt you. Thank you for visiting.

Audi’s Foster mom

Audi will be in our program for the rest of his days.  He does need some help in the funding area.  Without your donations, we cannot continue to take in these needy, yet deserving, abandoned little dogs.  Audi ran up a small bill with all the initial diagnostics and getting him stabliized.  His fund needs $ 225 for the initial work up.  He also will need a monthly “allowance” to allow him medicines and periodic vet bills.  We’ve determined that, on average, barring serious complications, these dogs need about $1200 a year for normal vetting.  Audi is looking for five people to contribute only $20 a month to his “normal vetting” fund. 

To be one of Audi’s monthly sponsors by credit card, go HERE to subscribe to his monthly contribution via paypal.  Or if you would like to send a check for $20 a month, go HERE.

And, if you could or would like to sponsor all or part of his initial $225 vetting bill, please donate HERE via paypal or HERE to send a check.

Audi says thank you so much for not letting him die on the cold concrete floor at the shelter.

Update:  October 20, Audi has partial sponsorship for his initial vetting.  Thanks to Victoria T., Audi needs only $205 to pay off his initial bill.  He also needs MONTHLY SPONSORS!!

To date, Audi has 0 monthly sponsors.