Yep, that’s right!  I just got the following email from Lovey MacKenzie Spuds’ foster mom:

(Lovey MacKenzie) has started early labor.  2 hours ago she roamed the house for her birthing spot and settled in the closet in the master bath (same place Momma Belle  gave birth).  Her temperature had dropped to 99.37.  She is quivering now but is in her box that I have made for her and she seems to like it.  Got a soft lamp in there, soft music and everything else that I could possibly need. 

I thought we had a few more days to raise the funds for her vetting, but help!!!  Now we are going to need it much quicker!

Please consider adding to her fund!!


Funding update for Felicity/Tootie and sweet Lovey MacKenzie Spuds

As of 10:00 pm, our funds are growing for these three deserving little fluffs.

Felecity and Tootie’s fund is at $315 right now, about 25% of where they need to be by mid week next week.  Thanks Dana, Barbara, Martin (always there for all of the dogs), and Kristen!!


Little pregnant Lovey MacKenzie has $195 but she and her four little baby fluffs still need $800 before next week.  She’s very thankful to Sharon, Cat, Martin, Barbara and Brandy.

Lovey MacKenzie Spuds/Felicity Hill/Tootie Collins fund status

Update, 3:00 pm, Friday.

We are slowly making progress on rounding up enough to pay for these sweeties vetting.  So far, Lovey has $150 toward the $1000 we think we need for her vetting and that of the puppies.  Thanks Cat and Barbara!!

The two cherry eye girls, Felicity and Tootie, have $50 toward their surgery.  THANKS Barbara.

Here is a little update on her trek to Lone Star from her new foster mom….

Smashed up french fries (hence the name Lovey MacKenzie Spuds) looked and tasted like caviar to this starving, pregnant mom who was eating them in a Denton, Texas apartment parking lot, next to the dumpster, when she was found.  The sonogram indicates she is pregnant with 4 babies.  She was filthy with long matted and cockaburred fur.  Even though she had been a stray, spent 7 days at a vet’s office and then came into rescue, she allowed me to groom her without incident.  She is a sweet as they come although the snap of a camera is something that frightens her.  She also is very curious of the back door.  It is obvious (from the way she rides in cars, walks on a leash and is polite) that she was someone’s well cared for dog and I believe she is trying to get back to her owner.  Once those babies arrive, she will not care about that any longer.  The vet estimates she will deliver within the next 7 days.  According to his measurements, MacKenzie should do fine with the delivery as the babies are not as big as originally anticipated.  Now we wait for her temperature to drop and the babies to arrive.  Other than being pregnant, she is a healthy girl and so polite.  I like to gently rub her belly and tell her that I know she has babies in there.  She seems to like that as it is soothing to her.



Lovey, pregnant lhasa, becoming a Lone Star dog tomorrow!

We confirmed it today, this little gal is coming into rescue TOMORROW – Friday.  No one else wanted her, no one else wanted the risk of a pregnant lhasa with four LARGE puppies – ready to be born.  SO, we’re picking her up.

Guys, we need help.  We have one donation, THANKS CAT!!, so far for this gal and desperately need to know that we have enough to vet her and those LARGE babies – don’t know what this sweet little girl has been bred by but we think she’s enough lhasa to make up for just about anything.  We need another $900 or so to be able to take care of them.  HELP.

If you can help, please donate via paypal HERE.  Or GO HERE to send her a check.

And, ALERT, ALERT, we may have to do a c-section.  You never know whats going to happen when a sweet fluff has been bred to a possibly much larger dog.  The vet estimates the c-section at around $700 but we’ll let you know if it comes down to requiring a c-section to save her life.





 We got an urgent email last night…

This little girl was found as a stray. She appears to be a Lhasa Apso or Mix and to be around 2 years old. She weighs 17 pounds.  She was starving when she was found and scarfed up whatever food she was given like she had not eaten in days. She was given a sonogram and heartbeats were detected so she is pregnant, although they are not yet sure how far along she is. This little girl was found as a stray. This girl still needs a place to go. The vet looked at her today and says she is 5-10 days away from delivering. There are four puppies, and they are big for her size so she may need help delivering them. Momma dog is pretty grumpy right now.

Again, we expect quite a bit vetting bill for her and four puppies.  We need to get her today!!!  We’re expecting at least $1000 to vet her and the puppies and possibly more depending on problems she might have.

If you can help, please donate via paypal HERE.  Or GO HERE to send her a check. 

Her name is Lovey!!