Adopted – Aura Montgomery

Aura Montgomery

I have a new Mom and a new Dad and guess what?  They are my FOREVER Mom and Dad, Cheryl and Chris!!  They were so happy to meet me and bring me into their home.  I even have a new name – Grace!  I love it!  When I got home I found my bed and got in it, then my Dad started squeaking a toy and I ran to him!  After all the excitement I just snuggled up in my Mom’s lap.  I love my new home and my new parents.  Thank you Lone Star!!!!!

Adopted Thunder Lanier

Thunder Lanier

What a FABULOUS day I had!!!  I have my very own forever home with Kelly and Thorsten!  And I even have a new name that I like a whole lot better than Thunder!  My name is now Stanley and I think that sounds very impressive! I even got a new blue shirt that I am wearing.  My new fur-sister is Sable and we are best buddies.  Life is absolutely WONDERFUL at my house.  Thank you Lone Star and everyone who helped make this happen.  My foster mom said I hit the jackpot and I KNOW she is right!

Adopted – Steffie Patsy Ranger


I found my FOREVER home and I am one happy pupster!  Valerie and Jessica are my new Moms.  And, guess what?  I now have 3 doggie siblings to play with!  Life is SO GOOD!  Thank you Lone Star for making this happen for me.  I love you all!

Adopted – Milkshake Harris


Look at what a happy family we all are!!!  I’m here with my new Mom and Dad, Jessica and Nicholas and with my Shih-Tzu sister and Lhasa brother who is a Lone Star alum!  This is my forever family and I could not be happier!  Thank you Lone Star for helping me!

Adopted – Marielle Cartwright

Marielle Cartwright

What a very lucky girl I am!  I now have my very own forever Mom, Mary Ann.  And I will have a Lone Star alum sister named Sophie.  I even have a new name – Missy.  Thank you Lone Star for making the rest of my life WONDERFUL!

Adopted – Marty Barkley


I can’t believe it.  My foster Mom and Dad, Kim and Brian, just knew that I had to be a permanent part of their family.  I could not be happier.  I have lots of Lone Star Alums to play with!  Life is going to now be absolutely THE BEST for me!!!

Adopted – Shelby Ranger

Shelby Ranger

Don’t we look like THE BEST FAMILY EVER?!?!?!?  That’s because we are and I could not be happier!!  My new Mom is Cindy and my Dad is Dean  and I think I am going to be one spoiled little girl!  Especially since I have two fur-brothers, Archie and Harvey.  Archie is a Lone Star Alum just like me!  My future looks wonderful thanks to Lone Star!

Adopted – Victoria Ranger

Victoria Ranger

I have my very own FOREVER home with Hayli and Jesse!  We will be living in Fort Worth and I am so very happy!  Life is going to be GREAT for me!  I have a second chance on life thanks to Lone Star!!!

Adopted – Langley Turner

Langley Turner

I found my forever home with Ray and David and we are going to be living in North Carolina.  I am SO EXCITED!!! I even have a new name – Lynden and I love it!  And guess what?  I will have a min-pin fur sister named Sydney.  I could not be happier.  I see lots of treats, toys, and I hope a new sweater in my future!  Thank you Lone Star for making this happen!!

Adopted – Allison Turner

Allison Turner

I have my very own forever home with my very first foster Mom and Dad, Andrea and Ravner.  I had some surgeries and heart worm treatment and have been through quite a bit.  I was very excited to see them – and then to find out that I would be with them forever!!!!  Wow, what a happy girl I am.  Life is definitely going to be wonderful from now on!  Thank you Lone Star!!!