Adopted – Victor Barkley

Victor Barkley

Wowee-kazowee I have my very own forever home!  My mom is Pat and we will be living in New Braunsfels.  I can’t believe that this has happened to me.  Thank you Lone Star for giving me a second chance on life.

Adopted – Chyna Ranger

Chyna Ranger

What a very lucky girl I am.  Look at my new forever family!  That’s me with Gina and Rick and their daughter Caylan is holding me.  I will also have a fursister to play with.  When they saw me they just knew I was the one for them.  And you know what?  I felt the same way too!

Adopted – Tia Harris

Tia Harris

What a smart little girl I am!  I made a great first impression.  I went with two other doggie friends to meet Nancy in hopes that one of us would get adopted.  Well, Nancy couldn’t take her eyes off of ME and little Cocoa Bean ( my new Shih Tzu sister) seemed intrigued by me also.  You guessed it, I now have a forever home with Nancy and Cocoa Bean.  I have tons of toys to play with and will be spoiled rotten.  See why I’m a smart girl?

Adopted – Kenya Nash

Kenya Nash

Here I am in my new home!!!  Don’t I look VERY comfortable and happy?  Yes!!!  My new forever Mom and Dad are Karen and Glenn and our home is in Austin.  I will have a Lone Star Alum for my sister.  Her name is Gypsy (Sweetie Brazoria) and my new name is Lola.  What a great family we are!

Adopted – Mojo Connors

oMojo Connors

What a lucky little guy I am!  I had a very rough start when I arrived at Lone Star.  My eye was damaged and had to be removed.  But that is all behind me now!  I have my new forever Mom, Bonnie, and her granddaughter to love me and take care of me.  We are going to be a very happy family living in San Antonio!  Thank you Lone Star for giving me a second chance!!

Saving five little fluffy dogs!! August 2014

Well, the past few weeks have been ridiculous!  I’ve never, ever seen so many dogs on euth lists across Houston as there have been in the past six-eight weeks.  And, so many heartworm positive.

So, we’re trying to get all these little ones ready for a new home.  Five at a time!

A Cash Montgomery Aug122014_7347

CASH MONTGOMERY – This absolutely stunning little man, with his solid black face and engaging eyes, is just a month away from being healthy.  He’s charming, with a cute little handshake when he wants something and will sit and stare until you give him a treat.  If you can donate for his vetting and heartworm treatment, please GO HERE.

A Cato Barkley Aug012014_6603

CATO BARKLEY – How cute is this little tzu face?  Cato has a typical little tzu clown personality.  Always dancing around like he owns the room.  He is one you cannot ever ignore.  He will be a perfect pet as soon as his heartworm treatment is done.

A Cato Barkley May102014_0814

This is what Cato looked like when he first came in.

CATO is ALL FUNDS RAISED!  Thank you wonderful people!

A Chyna Ranger Jun092014_2526 PC

CHYNA RANGER – Chyna is the adorable little one that was rescued off of a baseball field with heat exhaustion. 

Chyna Ranger Hot panting

Luckily, a good samaritan put her into their car and turned the airconditioning on.  Probably saved her life.  Her fundraising page is HERE.

A Delta Harris Jun252014_3492


A Delta harris Aug012014_6709

This little Delta Harris is one of the prettiest tzu we’ve seen in a while.  But, badly neglected.  Although she didn’t look bad in her shelter picture (below), when we got her, we found that she had heartworms, hookworms and whipworms.  Horrible.  Pretty much convinced that she came from a breeder situation.

But, she has no idea she was neglected.  She’s sweet and loving.

She needs to get rid of all of those heartworms so that we can find her a new home.

Her fundraising page is

A Delta Harris A409029


A Dilla Barkely Aug012014_6936


Look at this stunning little girl.  Dilla was a total hot mess when we got her.  We knew she was mixed with something poodly, but look how cute she is – and that’s with all of her hair shaved down.  Dilla is heartworm negative, so just needs basic vetting and then off to a new home!  Dilla’s fundraising page is HERE.

A1247649aDilla A1247649

Yep, this is what she looked like when we pulled her.

Adopted – Cleveland Montgomery

Cleveland Montgomery

Look at me with my new Mom and Dad, Linda and Tom.  Can you see how happy I am?  I have my very own furever home and I will be living in Gainesville, TX!  Mom and Dad promise to spoil me rotten.  I can’t wait.