Adopted – Maelyn Montgomery

Maelyn Montgomery

Oh happy day!  I have a new Mom, Pam, and a new Dad, Joe.  We are a family and I could not be happier!  My life is going to be GREAT from now on.  I have a four-legged cousin named Gizmo who I will run and play with.  And, I have a new name – Millie!  I LOVE it and I LOVE my forever family.  Thank you Lone Star for making this happen for me.

Adopted – Valeri Vetters and Nina Walker

Valerie Vetters and Nina Walker

What an incredible day for us!  We BOTH were adopted by Delia and Curt and we could not be happier.  Our forever Mom and Dad came all the way from Dallas to adopt Valerie, but then they decided that I needed a playmate!  So, they adopted Nina and I now have a forever sister.  We just feel so lucky and so happy!

Thank you Lone Star for making the rest of our lives absolutely wonderful!!!  We promise to be good girls in our new family and will make you proud of both of us!!!

Adopted – Aura Montgomery

Aura Montgomery

I have a new Mom and a new Dad and guess what?  They are my FOREVER Mom and Dad, Cheryl and Chris!!  They were so happy to meet me and bring me into their home.  I even have a new name – Grace!  I love it!  When I got home I found my bed and got in it, then my Dad started squeaking a toy and I ran to him!  After all the excitement I just snuggled up in my Mom’s lap.  I love my new home and my new parents.  Thank you Lone Star!!!!!

Adopted Thunder Lanier

Thunder Lanier

What a FABULOUS day I had!!!  I have my very own forever home with Kelly and Thorsten!  And I even have a new name that I like a whole lot better than Thunder!  My name is now Stanley and I think that sounds very impressive! I even got a new blue shirt that I am wearing.  My new fur-sister is Sable and we are best buddies.  Life is absolutely WONDERFUL at my house.  Thank you Lone Star and everyone who helped make this happen.  My foster mom said I hit the jackpot and I KNOW she is right!

Adopted – Steffie Patsy Ranger


I found my FOREVER home and I am one happy pupster!  Valerie and Jessica are my new Moms.  And, guess what?  I now have 3 doggie siblings to play with!  Life is SO GOOD!  Thank you Lone Star for making this happen for me.  I love you all!

Adopted – Milkshake Harris


Look at what a happy family we all are!!!  I’m here with my new Mom and Dad, Jessica and Nicholas and with my Shih-Tzu sister and Lhasa brother who is a Lone Star alum!  This is my forever family and I could not be happier!  Thank you Lone Star for helping me!

Adopted – Marielle Cartwright

Marielle Cartwright

What a very lucky girl I am!  I now have my very own forever Mom, Mary Ann.  And I will have a Lone Star alum sister named Sophie.  I even have a new name – Missy.  Thank you Lone Star for making the rest of my life WONDERFUL!

Adopted – Marty Barkley


I can’t believe it.  My foster Mom and Dad, Kim and Brian, just knew that I had to be a permanent part of their family.  I could not be happier.  I have lots of Lone Star Alums to play with!  Life is going to now be absolutely THE BEST for me!!!

Adopted – Shelby Ranger

Shelby Ranger

Don’t we look like THE BEST FAMILY EVER?!?!?!?  That’s because we are and I could not be happier!!  My new Mom is Cindy and my Dad is Dean  and I think I am going to be one spoiled little girl!  Especially since I have two fur-brothers, Archie and Harvey.  Archie is a Lone Star Alum just like me!  My future looks wonderful thanks to Lone Star!

Adopted – Victoria Ranger

Victoria Ranger

I have my very own FOREVER home with Hayli and Jesse!  We will be living in Fort Worth and I am so very happy!  Life is going to be GREAT for me!  I have a second chance on life thanks to Lone Star!!!