Adopted – Kenzo Kacette Barkley


Oh happy day!  I have a new Mom and Dad, Jaqui and Mark and we will be living in Pearland, Texas!  I will also have a fur sister named Bailey to play with!  She was rescued by Mom and Dad just a few months ago.  We are all going to have a wonderful life together.  Thank you Lone Star for making this all happen for me!  I now know I have a great future ahead of me.

Adopted – Heidi Barkley

Heidi Barkley

What a VERY lucky girl I am.  I found THE BEST foster Mom to help me through heartworm treatment.  Now I am healthy and happy and my foster Mom is my FUREVER Mom!  The picture is of me, on the left, my Mom Amy and my four-legged sister Lucy Blue.  My Dad, Dan was not around for the photo op.  I am so very happy.  What a wonderful life I have ahead of me.

Adopted – Yedi Turner


I have a new forever home with Joe and Susan! And I have a fur brother, Teddy, and a big back yard to patrol. That is absolutely my FAVORITE thing to do! I also know I will be loved forever. Thank you Lone Star for making this happen for me!!!

Adopted – Bojangles Harris

Bojangles Harris

I have a new forever home with David and Jill and the family. I have two, two legged brothers and a ShihTzu brother, Wyatt, who is a Lone Star Alum. Life could not be better for me! Thank you Lone Star for helping me find my forever home!

Adopted – Kalini Ranger

Kalini Ranger

I have a wonderful new forever family! Rick and Candice are my new Mom and Dad and I will have four two-legged siblings to play with me. And, I have a four-legged sibling names Pookie who is a Lone Star Alum. We have played non-stop since I arrived!! Pookie will show me everything I need to know. We will be living in Austin. I also have a new name – Sadie.

Adopted – Keyso Barkley

Keyso Barkley

Here’s my adoption picture with my new Mom and Dad, Holly and Ken!  Can you see how much they love me?  Well, you know what, I love them too!  I will have a teenage two-legged sister to love also.  I just have a feeling that I am going to be spoiled rotten!  And, guess what?  I like that idea!!!

Adopted – Ringo Cartwright

Ringo Cartwright

Yippy skippy!  I have my very own forever family!!  What a wonderful day for me!  My new Mom and Dad, Wendy and Andy, even gave me a new name – Ranger Gray!  I like it as it seems so sophisticated!!!  On the way to my new home, I fell asleep in Dad’s arms and started snoring!  I was just so comfortable because I knew I found my forever home and would be safe and loved forever.  I also met my new grandparents and love them too.  Life is going to be wonderful for our family.

Adopted – Bobo Harris

Bobo Harris

My new forever Mom and Dad are Aviva and Tim!  And, I have a Shih Tzu sister named Snorkles.  We already have started to play together and I know we are going to be great friends.  We will be living in Austin, Texas and I could not be a happier little guy!!!

Adopted – Francie Hart Winger

Francie Hart Winger

Queen of the castle – that’s me!  That’s what my forever Mom, Darlene,  told me I am going to be.  I am so thrilled to be part of this family.  my Mom’s granddaughter, Chloe, is going to be one of my best friends.  Life is good!  Thank you Lone Star!

Adopted – Forbes Harris


Isn’t this a wonderful photo?  I have been adopted by Petra and her family.  I now have a two-legged brother and sister AND a fur sister named Josie.  I was so excited to meet her!!!  Josie wrote a letter to Santa telling him that she wanted a playmate and guess what?  That’s me!!!  I even have a new name Bender Bear Forbes!  Love everything about my new life!